Atlus Japan Hints at Something Using… Broccoli?

on June 23, 2014 4:53 PM

Atlus Japan took to Twitter today to show us a pretty interesting picture. What is this picture of you ask? It’s of a piece of broccoli, Japanese mayo, and a pair of black chopsticks. A link posted on the tweet takes you to the Persona Q official website, where yet again we see a mysterious piece of broccoli hanging out behind the logo.

Clicking on this vegetable takes you to a site listed as “This is not broccoli” in the title. ¬†Once you get to the top of the tree on this page, you’ll see “2”, “D”, and “X” in bubbles, along with the text “Coming Soon”.

Now different members of the community have speculated that this could be a Etrian Odyssey title, or even a new Persona title, however it could also be a collaboration with Japanese game publisher Broccoli Co.

Whatever it is, we hope that Atlus can give us a meaty serving of games to go along with this strange serving of greens.

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