Atlus Teases New Etrian Odyssey Game; Platforms Unknown

Atlus Teases New Etrian Odyssey Game; Platforms Unknown

Atlus teased a new Etrian Odyssey game but did not provide any actual details. While it won't be on 3DS, basically nothing else is known.

With Etrian Odyssey X releasing for 3DS next week, Atlus is obviously ready to look at the future of the series.

The developer released today a small teaser with the wording “SQ, fetal movement” and “to the next stage.” If you’re wondering, SQ is a contraction of “Sekai no Meikyuu,” which is the original title of the series.

At the moment no information was provided about the upcoming game. We don’t know when it’ll come, what it’ll be about, and even which platform or platforms it will be on.

Interestingly, the official Twitter account mentions that the series is moving towards a “completely new world,” and the team is working to show the result of their passion as soon as possible.

Etrian Odyssey X will be released on 3DS in Japan on August 2nd, and we knew since the beginning that it’ll be the last game of the series on Nintendo’s aging platform, so it’s safe to assume that the title that will mark this new beginning will land on one or more new platforms.

You can check out the teaser below.