Atlus’ New JRPG Project Re FANTASY Gets Gorgeous Images; Developers Talk of New Challenges

Atlus’ New JRPG Project Re FANTASY Gets Gorgeous Images; Developers Talk of New Challenges

Today Atlus updated the official website of its upcoming new JRPG Project Re FANTASY with a direct feed version of the new artwork that sets the mood for the game, and messages from the core staff that will work on it.

You can check out the art at the bottom of the post, and read a translations of the messages just below:


Message from Katsura Hashino – Director and Producer

“The Atlus RPG was born 25 years ago. At that time, positive stories set in the so-called medieval fantasy were the standard for RPG games. What we created was the “counter” to such a natural world view, the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Persona series that was born as a spin-off.  Until now, both series have always been created with concepts intended as counters for their times, including the latest games.

So what could a new RPG tackled by ATLUS be like now after producing counters to those times? I think it is to challenge the “normality” of the genre which has been consumed in various media every day for decades.

Yes, we have been successful at contemporary drama so far, but the theme for our RPG is actually a return to a “true fantasy world.” We believe that to create a wonderful gaming experience, we have to enter ourselves among those games about overflowing fantasy worlds, but to make something only we can make, and that is a counter to this era.

As the creators of both “Persona” and “Shin Megami Tensei,” those games will serve as the foundation for a work based on their “theme” and “essence,” providing a “new journey” to players around the world that only we can make. Please come with us and witness this challenge.”

Message from Shigenori Soejima – Character Designer

“I’m very thrilled to be able to challenge a fantasy world that can stir the imagination of an artist, feeling the charm that cannot be bound to a single genre. Going back to the origins, and returning to high fantasy isn’t just about following stereotypes, but I think it’s about revealing the origins of a fantasy world in which images have been created for a long time, and looking at them again. From there, I will rediscover the charm of fantasy worlds, and I wish to deliver it to everyone. Please look forward to it!”


Message from Shoji Meguro – Sound Composer

“I am doing my best to start creating music that I have never created before. While I believe that it will be challenging to reform my style, I am thrilled to be able to start a new adventure.”

What is Studio Zero?

“Separate from the studios that continue to work on series like Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, this is a place where we reconfirm the meaning of our existence from its origin, and start a new challenge – This is Studio Zero. We will return to the origins of creativity, and we decided to create this studio anew as a starting point to build big “counters” that this era needs for all platforms. Participating staff gathering in this studio are skilled volunteers who have worked hard together and built up the gameplay value of Atlus’ RPG so far. Please look forward to exciting things to come in the future.”

Message from the Scenario and Planning Staff (represented by Scenario Planner Yuichiro Tanaka)

“The “Persona” series that I worked on, was a game with low sense of distance that utilized a commonplace premise, but in that sense, there is something named “fantasy” that is the polar opposite. Can I create a story that is required by such an era? I believe that facing this challenge is something of great value, so please watch over us with warmth. Thank you in advance.”

Message from the Programmers (represented by Programmer Yujiro Tanaka)

“Recently, I feel that the time in which people around me, including myself, play games has decreased. I think the reason isn’t just because work is busy, because we’re getting old and similar reasons. I believe the reason is that there are also fewer games that use that time as well. So I decided to join the new Studio Zero because I thought they might be involved in the creation of games that make you forget about time.

After all, since it’s a game, it’s familiar. For instance I might look at the menus. I think it would be nice if it was a game with many ideas. So I thought that it would be nice to contribute, and i’ve been allowed to participate as a programmer.  I’d like to become a driving force for the team, even a little bit, while looking for something I can help with.


Message from the Designers/Project Manager (represented by Designer Yasuhiro Akimoto)

Knowing that we were launching a new IP, I joined as a chance to be able to experience making something new from scratch. Even  if making”Catherine” was challenging, I enjoyed it. Even while experiencing hardships and trial and error, the pleasure of creating a new IP is unique. Atlus, that has created many contemporary stories, is facing a new challenge with high fantasy, and I think that it will be a new breed of game that has never been done before. As a designer, i can enrich the gaming experience with attractive characters, the world, UI, animation, effects, and so on. I will aim for a creative visual expression of high fantasy unique to Atlus. Would you like to join is in creating something new? We’re waiting for your application.

Incidentally, the recruitment page also gives us some interesting information: Studio Zero plans to hire five Game Planners, five Game Designers, and five Game Programmers on top of its current staff.

In particular, the ad for Programmers requires experience with the current generation of game consoles, PC or portable consoles, on top of experience with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. This possibly indicating that the team is considering those platforms, and the use of either Unreal Engine or Unity for its games.

Below you can check out all the beautiful artwork by Shigenori Soejima. We also get a direct feed version of the logo mascot that was showcased during today’s livestream.

In case you missed it, Atlus also shared the first teaser trailer of Project Re FANTASY, alongside a video message from the staff, also giving us an overview on who, among the studio’s veterans is involved in the project.