Report: Soejima and Meguro Also Involved in Atlus’ New JRPG “Project Re FANTASY;” Platforms Undecided

Report: Soejima and Meguro Also Involved in Atlus’ New JRPG “Project Re FANTASY;” Platforms Undecided

The issue of Weekly Famitsu that will be released tomorrow includes an interview to Persona series Director Katsura Hashino and ATLUS USA President Naoto Hiraoka about the newly formed Studio Zero, and the upcoming fantasy JRPG teased yesterday.

Keep in mind that since we’re not seeing the magazine itself, but it’s just a report leaked by Japanese blog Hachima Kikou, you should take all of this with a grain of salt until we can confirm the information tomorrow.

The title is, for now, codenamed Project Re FANTASY, and platforms, release window and pricing are all undecided. That said, Persona 5 Character Designer Shigenori Soejima and Composer Shoji Meguro will be respectively in charge of art and sound design. Katsura Hashino himself will take the role of Creative Producer. The title is completely set in a fantasy world, without any part in modern times.

Starting from 10 PM Japanese time on December 23rd, the studio will start intensive recruiting of new staff to develop the new game.

Studio Zero has the medium-term goal of establishing a production pipeline dedicated to producing new IPs, aiming to the next level.

Both Meguro-sensei and Soejima-sensei will still work on the Persona series as well. The series will continue and it’s still being developed behind the scenes along with other games. Atlus plans to announce new games in the new year without as long wait as in the past.

Last, but not least, the illustration that teased the announcement, which you can see above, is not the heroine of the new game, but it’s simply representative of the attitude of the new studio.

Of course you can expect more information here on DualShockers as soon as Weekly Famitsu releases, but for now this is all we get. While Hachima Kikou’s leaks are normally on point, as they seem to receive a copy of the magazine in advance, you should always remain a bit skeptical until we can see it in person.