Atlus Opens Teaser Website, Includes “Persona” Keyword, Color Possibly Hints to Persona 5 (UPDATED)

Atlus Opens Teaser Website, Includes “Persona” Keyword, Color Possibly Hints to Persona 5 (UPDATED)

Atlus just opened a new teaser website pointing to the November the 24, 2013 date, but what is the site about exactly?

The website includes the recently trademarked P-Studio logo, but the clincher is, as usual, in the source html code of the page:



The first Keyword, in Japanese, says “Persona” (the second is “Atlus”). That’s pretty much undeniable evidence that the site is related to the Persona franchise. The description says “On November the 24, 2013 something will happen…”

Still need more evidence? If you hit the Twitter button at the top, it will automatically add the #ペルソナhashtag. Recognize that wording in Katakana? Yeah, it still says “Persona.”

So what Persona game are we talking about? A most probable hint can be found in the color of the site itself. Since Persona 3 the promotional material and websites of numbered Persona games have been associated with one particular color, so much that even graphical assets and characters were repainted to reflect that color.

As you can see in the screencaps below Persona 3 was associated with blue. Persona  4 is associated with yellow. What’s the next primary color? Red. Very conveniently the teaser website is fully red, most possibly hinting to the fact that the site is indeed teasing Persona 5.




Update: SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida tweeted about the teaser site and retweeted Atlus’ official tweet, and many took it as confirmation of an involvement of Sony with the teased game. With a follow-up tweet Yoshida-san clarified that he doesn’t necessarily know something about it.

The tweet says:

I retweeted because I’m a Persona fan, but I don’t necessarily know something.

Do you believe him? I’m not sure if I do…