ATLUS Clarifies Why Persona 5’s PS4 Share Features Are Disabled

ATLUS Clarifies Why Persona 5’s PS4 Share Features Are Disabled

Ahead of Persona 5's Western release, players are finding the PlayStation 4 share feature has been disabled. ATLUS responds to the revelation.

It’s uncommon that the PlayStation 4’s share features are disabled at all, and even rarer for the length of a game’s entirety, but it does occasionally happen. So is the case with Persona 5, but ATLUS has explained its decision.

It’s no secret that Persona 5 is out in the wild right now. With the game in-hand, players have been giving it test runs on a plethora of different features. One that seems to be lacking is the ability to use the PS4’s share feature, which would normally allow players to natively take in-game screenshots or record gameplay/cutscenes. Polygon recently reached out to ATLUS about this revelation, and the developer/publisher says this was a very conscious decision.

“This being a Japanese title with solely a single-playthrough story means Japan is very wary about it. Sharing is currently blocked through the native PS4 UI.”

So, after the game releases to the world, is it possible that this functionality will be implemented later? Apparently not, as ATLUS has stated it remains committed to keeping the game’s story under wraps even after the Western release on April 4.

However, early elements of Persona 5 seem to be unblocked in the Japanese version of the game, as evidenced by Twitter images shared from players in the region. Still, after the opening cinematic and main menu, share functions appear to follow suit with the western version.