Atlus’ PROJECT Re FANTASY Team Experimenting on Graphics; Development Going Smoothly

Atlus’ PROJECT Re FANTASY Team Experimenting on Graphics; Development Going Smoothly

Atlus' recently-formed Studio Zero is hard at work on PROJECT Re Fantasy, and things seem to be going well, with visuals shaped by trial and error.

We don’t often get information about Atlus’ upcoming game PROJECT Re FANTASY by the publisher’s newly-formed Studio Zero, but the development team has been dropping hints on the official website.

A recent post by Designer Kimura-san (who mentions having worked in the industry for twenty years and joined the studio in the middle of last year) mentions that the team is engaging in discussion and research on various points in order to make sure that the framework of the game is solid.

He also explains that trial and error on the graphics continues every day, even if there is still need for more staff.

A second post by Planner Takahata-san, who joined Atlus four years ago after graduating, mentions that the game looks interesting (or “fun” since Japanese uses the same word for both meanings), and things are going smoothly. Occasionally there are announcements of milestones among the team, and enthusiastic voices are always heard.

He also says that while many are wondering when the next reveal about it will be, he’d appreciate if fans could wait just a bit more.

Another interesting factor is that Kimura-san’s post talks a lot about graphics for home console games (or “TV Games” as they’re called in Japan), which appears to be another hint that the game is heading in that direction.

While platforms have yet to be announced, All we have for now are some beautiful illustrations (including one released this week) a trailer revealed a while ago, and a rather weird bonus video.