ATLUS Reassures Fans On Future Releases After Bankruptcy Filing

ATLUS Reassures Fans On Future Releases After Bankruptcy Filing

ATLUS’ mother company Index Corporation filed for the Japanese equivalent of a soft bankruptcy procedure this morning, but if my earlier post wasn’t enough to reassure you on the future of our beloved JRPGs, the software house took it to twitter today to let people know that things aren’t as bad at they sound, and fans can expect at least the most immediate future releases to continue as planned.

Here’s what’s said in that nice wall of Kanji:

Both the retail and downloadable versions of the PS3/PS Vita game Dragon’s Crown will be released as scheduled on July the 27th (in Japan of course). We’re sorry for making everyone worry.

Save data sharing and multiplayer in Dragon’s Crown are system that work on the servers of the PlayStation Network, so the services are guaranteed by the PlayStation Network itself.

In addition to that the release of the DLC for Shin Megami Tensei IV will continue as scheduled. The same goes for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and its demo.

While the tweets don’t talk about the long term, those that were waiting for the releases mentioned above should now be able to draw a breath of relief. Considering that the Civil Rehabilitation procedure guarantees continued operation of the filing company, the future definitely shouldn’t be as bleak as the “bankruptcy” word sounds.

In the meanwhile we reached out to ATLUS USA to hear their stance on the situation and we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything relevant.