Atlus Takes Fans’ Hint, Runs More Copies of Radiant Historia

on February 11, 2012 10:41 AM

Japanese developer ATLUS has decided to avoid the fate of limited print games like Suikoden II and the PS1 version of Valkyrie Profile, opting to run a new printing of their hit Gameboy DS title Radiant Historia.

The game has players take control of Stocke, a fantasy secret agent who gains the power to travel through time — creating various parallel dimensions of his world, through which he must also travel. Players are tasked with finding and restoring the “True History,” which is achieved by uniting the sundered branches of the timeline. Think of it as sort of a cross between Chrono Trigger and The Butterfly Effect.

ATLUS shows some love to their fans via the press release announcing the new run, writing, “Thanks to you and your passion (see also: emails, phone calls, etc.), we’re making new copies of Radiant Historia, one of the highest rated ATLUS games of all time. Don’t miss out… Again!”

Gamers can choose either to heed or ignore that last bit of advice when the new printing hits stores in late March.

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