Atlus and Sega Tease Possibility of Publishing More Games on PC in the Future Following Catherine Release

After this morning's launching of Catherine on PC, it seems that Atlus and Sega are entertaining the idea of bringing even more games to the platform.

January 10, 2019

After weeks of teases and leaks, Atlus finally announced this morning that it was bringing the classic puzzle adventure game Catherine to PC as of today. While this isn’t normally a huge move for many developers and publishers, it was a big deal for Atlus as the Japanese company tends to not bring too many of its titles to this platform.

Following the reveal, Sega, Atlus’ parent company, seemed to further tease that Catherine might not be the only game that the publisher is planning to bring to PC. In a new quote given to PC Gamer, Sega said, “We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future.” It’s a statement that could be entirely empty on Sega’s part and indicative of absolutely nothing, or it could be the first notion that we should expect more of the publisher’s games coming to PC down the road.


With this quote in mind, it raises a few questions. First off, would these potential Atlus titles be old games like with today’s release of Catherine, or would instead refer to new games that will be released? If it’s the former, then there’s no doubt that many fans will be clamoring for Atlus games like Persona 5 to come to PC. Despite only currently being available for PS4 right now, Persona 5 specifically isn’t locked-in an exclusivity deal on the platform and Atlus could decide to bring it anywhere if they chose to do so.

There are also other Sega-published games such as those in the Yakuza series that many have been hoping to see more of on PC. As it stands, Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami are each available on Steam, but the recently released Yakuza Kiwami 2 still hasn’t found its way to the platform. The likelihood of this game specifically coming to PC seemed somewhat likely already, but in light of this new quote, it seems even more possible than before.

So if Sega and Atlus are planning on bringing more games to PC, what is it that you’re hoping to see arrive? Do you think something like the recently-announced Persona 5 R could come to PC whenever it releases? Be sure to let us know your own hopes and wishes down in the comments.

Logan Moore

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