Atomic Heart Is Dripping in Soviet Sci-Fi Aesthetics in New Ten Minute Gameplay Trailer

Atomic Heart Is Dripping in Soviet Sci-Fi Aesthetics in New Ten Minute Gameplay Trailer

Another gameplay trailer for Mundfish's Atomic Heart has been released and is dripping in Soviet-era sci-fi aesthetics.

Developer Mundfish has revealed an additional ten minutes of gameplay from their upcoming first person shooter Atomic Heart.

The gameplay section begins in an outdoors area with the player wielding a silenced pistol of sorts with only 12 rounds. After observing some Nier Automata-looking robots with saw-blade mohawks, the player shoots at a wandering robot that escapes and then at a drone carrying cigarettes which they pick up. After they find a zip line that requires a key item to use, as well as a locked house that requires a key. Checking out a nearby structure they find the zip line item but are surprised by the appearance of a robot with a partially destroyed test dummy-looking head which throws him into a hole and into an underground area.

After fighting another human-looking robot with a melee weapon the player finds a shotgun and travels deeper into whatever underground facility they are in. A quick time event occurs when they get attacked and are near-death but they overcome the enemy. A giant rolling ball that reminded me of the robot in The Incredibles appeared and ended this Atomic Heart gameplay demo.

Throughout the video you can get a great sense of the foreignness of Atomic Heart, which takes place in an alt-Soviet Russia with large influences by 1950’s science fiction. Everything looks somewhat familiar but also twisted. The robots you come across aren’t the typical androids or turrets and instead have varied body types and appendages. One smaller robot appeared to have a large round body and a head with giant headlight eyes. Rooms you make your way through are mostly totally ruined and many have an atmosphere of horror such as the lab late in the game where flaps in small greenhouses were uncontrollable opening and closing causing a discomforting chorus of noise.

Aside from the strong aesthetic the other thing that stuck out to me was the way the character smokes cigarettes, with one huge puff, much like Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption II. That can’t be healthy. Otherwise Atomic Heart still looks really good as far as the world they are creating. I still have little confidence in their 2019 release date but would happily be proven wrong so long as it doesn’t come at the cost of quality. You can check out an action themed trailer from last year as well as today’s in the embedded video below.