Atomic Heart’s Strange Sci-Fi World Returns in New Trailer

Atomic Heart’s Strange Sci-Fi World Returns in New Trailer

Mother Russia gets weirder by the minute in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart, the sci-fi acid-trip compared to BioShock and Fallout, has received a new trailer showing off its brand of strangeness.

If you’ve forgotten what Atomic Heart is, nobody can really blame you. The game made its debut in 2018 and since then we’ve gotten sparse looks at it. Mundfish, the developers of the game, don’t even share that much about it on YouTube, just some tech demos here and there. This latest trailer is a gameplay teaser, meaning we may get a longer version with an updated look at real gameplay sometime soon. Another 10-minute long gameplay trailer was released last January.

This time around we’re greeted to some sights we haven’t seen before. The trailer opens with an enormous robotic worm barreling through the sky, and that’s not even the weirdest thing in it. Monitors shaped like detailed human faces, cables coming out of hands, and telekinetics are all shown off in this quick 45-second long trailer. Not much context is given behind any of them.

So what exactly is Atomic Heart? Apparently it’s going to be an open-world game set in an alternate universe. In this timeline, the USSR had a massive technological boom, inventing the internet and holograms extremely early on. In modern times, robots are like household appliances – except when they go haywire. That’s exactly what happened at Plant 3826, which you as a KGB agent must investigate.

As I said, details on Atomic Heart are few and far between. As soon as more information on this twisted sci-fi adventure comes out, you’ll be able to find it here. If you’re impressed by what you see, you can pre-order Atomic Heart from Mundfish’s website here or on the game’s Steam page.