Atomic Heart Debuts New Trailer Featuring Melee Combat And a Boss Fight

The latest trailer for Atomic Heart shows just how far the game's come since we last saw gameplay in 2019

August 12, 2020

Atomic Heart, the mysterious first-person RPG from Russian developer Mundfish, dropped a new trailer showing off more of the game than we’ve ever seen before.

Mainly, the trailer focuses on combat in Atomic Hearts, which we’ve seen before, although only when the game was in pre-alpha last year. This new footage makes it plain that the game has made a huge amount of progress in that time. Starting at the beginning of the trailer, we get a look at one of Atomic Hearts‘ guns, a long two-handed rifle that closely resembles a tesla coil, which to be fair, isn’t out of this game’s scope. Sadly, the thing is never fired. Instead, most of the combat shown focuses on melee.

The first enemies that the game’s protagonist faces are strange bugs, easily smashed with a two-handed melee weapon tipped with two rotating saw blades. Important to note besides how weighty the weapon seems is the game’s UI. This is the first time we’ve seen how the game will balance melee combat – with a stamina meter. Each overhead swing takes a bit of stamina, and when there’s none left, swings of the weapon aren’t as fast and furious.

Of course, smashing bugs isn’t that hard. Androids on the other hand, are much more difficult, as the trailer shows. Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen combat against these robotic foes, but it has certainly improved. These enemies are still strong, knocking the protagonist around with every punch and kick. Satisfyingly, every attack that makes contact with the droid strips off some of its pale skin, leaving bare the components underneath. It’s something akin to Doom Eternal‘s visual destruction of enemies, but so far it seems more intricate.

At the end of the trailer, we meet its namesake, a writhing mass of fur, sinew and rage apparently named Plyush. The name may come from the Russian word plyushch, meaning ivy. It would make sense, since like ivy, the creature stretches and twists, although instead of creeping up walls it attacks prey. The fight takes place in a large open area, full of tables and chairs primed to be tossed aside by the main character and the rampaging creature. The fight ends with our hero being torn apart, but not before we’re shown an alternate mode for his melee weapon. Kicking down on a small pedal on the weapon’s handle, the thing revs up like a chainsaw. Then, instead of swinging the blades toward Plyush, the handle is merely pointed at it and the blades fly off, tearing into the creature.

Like I said before, this is more of Atomic Heart than we’re used to seeing. The game has mostly been a mystery, with updates few and far between. Originally slated for release in 2019, the game has been delayed multiple times. However, the very end of this trailer does show that the game isn’t letting a long development cycle stand in its way. Along with releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Atomic Heart will be available on next-gen consoles. For more information on Atomic Heart check out the game’s Steam page here.


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