Atomic Poison Ivy is Revealed for Infinite Crisis, Check Out Her Trailer and Screenshots

on January 8, 2014 12:46 PM

Atomic Poison Ivy is the latest character to be revealed for DC’s upcoming MMORPG, Infinite Crisis, in a new trailer, along with her champion profile and screenshots.

Her powers were given to her by the Green, a mutated forest bestowed with a psychic voice after nuclear fallout withered away plant life in that world.

She is a strong Enforcer type; one of her main abilities is Toxic Growth, which grant Ivy with a shield if she has not taken damage after a certain period of time. Enemies that attack this shield are marked with the Toxic Growth status and Ivy’s own abilities consume her status for additional effects.

Poisoned Earth is a basic attack that also casts Toxic Growth. If that status is already cast, then Toxic Growth is consumed and causes Poisoned Earth to do significant damage. Bramble Rapture deals Power Damage and if the foe has Toxic Growth, the attack consumes it for a boost in movement speed. Wall of Thorns slows foes, deals damage over time and causes them to be silenced. Her ultimate, Secrets of the Forest, provides allies with Power Armor and stealth while marking enemies with Toxic Growth every second.

For her growth, it’s best to give Ivy artifacts that increase health, cooldown reduction, Armor and Will. You can check out the trailer and screenshots below and go here for our previous Infinite Crisis news.

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