Use Atomics for Peace in Fallout 76 Trailer Showcasing Nuclear Armament

Use Atomics for Peace in Fallout 76 Trailer Showcasing Nuclear Armament

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Fallout 76 detailing how to find and use nuclear weapons in the familiar pip-boy cartoon style.

Engage in nuclear warfare with a new trailer for Fallout 76 called “Atomics for Peace”. Using the familiar Pip-boy art style, this trailer showcases how you can arm yourself with nuclear weapons in order to fight back against enemy groups and wildlife and create a location with valuable loot. This trailer was previously intermixed with gameplay during Fallout 76‘s E3 presentation earlier this year.

As described in the Atomics for Peace trailer, during your time in Fallout 76 you will happen across enemies who hold pieces of launch codes for nuclear missiles. You can either attempt to find them all yourself or cooperate with other players to combine the codes you have all found. With a complete code you can now determine where to launch a nuclear weapon in order to access higher leveled gear and enemies. Players killed by this nuclear weapon won’t lose much besides junk, and if they’ve saved their C.A.M.P. blueprint can easily move their base elsewhere.

Nuclear missiles can’t be used for griefing because of this, but can still be used to initiate rivalries by displacing enemy bases. Nuclear missiles are also key to end-game content as it is the only way to access rare materials and summon high-level enemies, such as the Scorchbeast.

You can pick up Fallout 76 on November 14, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There was a new Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle announced at Gamescom, and you can also view the previous Fallout 76 video that shows how you’ll be making friends.