Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Interview -- Producer Hideo Suzuki Discusses New Content, Project Timing, and More

DualShockers recently sat down with Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Producer Hideo Suzuki to discuss the new Season 3 content this impending release brings and more.

Developer Omega Force continues to deliver quality titles to fans based on licensed IPs as well as developing titles in their long-running Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi series. Some of the developer’s other stand out titles include the Attack on Titan games that bring the popular manga and anime franchise to the world of video games with all the gore, drama, and action that one would expect to come with it.

Recently, publisher Koei Tecmo revealed Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, a continuation of Attack on Titan 2 that includes new story chapters from Season 3 of the anime. DualShockers sat down with producer Hideo Suzuki in order to get a little more insight into the game along with any new features the team has added for fans.

Azario Lopez: In the original Attack on Titan 2, players were able to create an original character and experience the story events through the eyes of an outsider. However, Final Battle won’t have an original protagonist in this mode. Is there a reason why you changed direction?

Hideo Suzuki: First of all, the story for the original character ends at the end of Season 2, which took place in Attack on Titan 2. We didn’t want to use this way of storytelling again because it wouldn’t feel like a fresh idea. Since this game will come out right after Season 3 and we fill that people would enjoy playing as the main characters more for this title. This decision was also based off of fan feedback.

“It’s been a tradition to add our own original stories and we are proud to hear that they have been well received by fans.”

AL: This entry of the game will follow closely with the anime’s 3rd season; however, were you able to take your own liberties with the story or will it stick pretty similar to the events of the anime?

HS: It’s been a tradition to add our own original stories and we are proud to hear that they have been well received by fans and the license holders. In terms of canon scenario of Season 3, obviously, we cannot change the flow or what happens, but our approach was to fill in the gaps such as with things that might happen off screen or on another part of the map that the anime didn’t show. Sort of behind the scenes.

AL: Territory Recovery Mode is an interesting new mode that allows players to play as a handful of characters including their original character. To clear up some confusion, does this mode include tower defense elements in it and what was the inspiration for this mode?

Well, there is no tower defense features in this mode. In terms of inspiration, this was something that we wanted to do since the beginning of the series. We decided to hold off because and implicate it now because there are just so many characters in this series, some of who die off pretty early on in the series. These characters all have certain fans, so we wanted to bring all these characters to one stage and fight towards a common goal.

AL:Will there be any additional features for PS4 Pro or Xbox One X that those owners can look forward to?

HS: There will be 4K support for the title, but no HDR support.

AL: Attack on Titan 2 had plenty of extra DLC costumes available for players, so I’ll just come out and say it: will we ever get bathing suit DLC?

HS: So, the quick answer is that this series is under license. Yes, we are aware that there are some voices out there that would enjoy this added content and I wouldn’t be opposed to it. However, the world of Attack on Titan is rather serious and the license holders have requested that the integrity of the IP isn’t hurt by such DLC. To their point, we understand completely.

AL: Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle is scheduled to release alongside the upcoming season premiere of the anime, was this hard on the developers to meet the deadline or was this something the team has been working on for a while?

HS: They started planning for this project when they heard from the licenser about the Season 3 anime project, but we didn’t know when they were planning to release the anime. At that time, we were mostly focused on the game content and not the timing. At some point during development, we found out the anime release timing coincided with our internal schedule. Under these circumstances, we decided to reinforce each other’s product and make a big buzz for the upcoming season.

AL: Omega Force seems to have their hands in a handful of projects right now, do you have a dream license that you think Omega Force could potentially create an awesome game for?

To be clear, we extremely grateful to work with our license holders on the titles that we have put out. On a personal level, if I had the chance I would love to work on the Dragon Ball IP.

Is there anything you’d like to tell fans awaiting Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle?

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle covers the anime story from season 1 to season 3. I’d like to invite all the fans back to play through the new Season 3 content. Also, for the fans who have heard about Attack on Titan, but don’t know much about the series, this is the perfect entry point for the IP. I hope you enjoy it.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is a standalone expansion for Attack on Titan 2, which expands the story into Season 3 and adds new weapons, characters, and additional modes for players. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is releasing digitally and physically for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 5

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