Attack on Titan 2’s Trophy List Revealed [SPOILERS]

Attack on Titan 2’s Trophy List Revealed [SPOILERS]

The full list of trophies for upcoming hack and slash gameAttack on Titan 2 has been revealed ahead of its launch and include the rarity of each trophy.

Attack on Titan 2 from Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force and publisher Koei Tecmo is less than 24 hours away from its official release. As the date draws near, those itching to get their hands on the title may now start planning on how to obtain all the trophies available in the upcoming hack and slash game.

Over at, the site has provided a full list of all the trophies available in the game; this includes the value of each individual trophy. According to the list, Attack on Titan 2 contains a total of 40 trophies (1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 16 Silver, and 20 Bronze).

While this is a small list of trophies when compared to other new releases, the game offers a diverse range of challenges players are required to complete; this includes seven easy trophies for just completing the game’s story mode. Several other challenges players will be expected to perform include completing a specific percentage of Scout missions, acquiring a particular portion of gallery art, and maxing out your character just to name a few.

A full rundown of the trophies will be provided below this article. For more information on the game, you can watch a trailer focusing on the multiplayer modesa slew of recent trailers and screenshots, and in case you have not already, check out our DualShockers’ recent interview with Koei Tecmo’s Hisashi Koinuma and Hideo Suzuki.

Attack on Titan 2 is set to be released on March 15 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Switch, and Xbox One.

Name Description Trophy
We’ll make a breakthrough eventually…And see what truth these walls are hiding Acquire all trophies Platinum
Don’t worry…Just keep training Got selected as the top performer during training in Episode 1 of the Story Mode prologue Bronze
This first step will be a big one for the human race Completed Story Mode Chapter 1 Bronze
What is it that you see? Completed Story Mode Chapter 2 Bronze
What do you expect? The world is a cruel place Completed Story Mode Chapter 3 Bronze
Live a life that you can be proud of Completed Story Mode Chapter 4 Bronze
I’ll wrap that around you as many times as you want Completed Story Mode Chapter 5 Bronze
He was a soldier who fought to the very end Completed the final chapter in Story Mode Silver
There’s still so much I need to find out about the world Completed 25% or more of the Scout missions Bronze
What must be one Completed 50% or more of the Scout missions Bronze
I’ll be there one to hunt those Titans to extinction! Completed all Scout missions Silver
We’ve got a talented one here Achieved a Battle Rating S in any episode Bronze
If you don’t fight, you can’t win Achieved a Battle Rating of S in all Story Mode episodes Silver
It’s huge! What the heck is it? Completed your first Dire Elimination Bronze
I’m gonna destroy them! Every last one that’s on this earth! Completed all Story Mode Dire Eliminations Gold
We’re always at an information disadvantage against the Titans Reached 25% Gallery completion Bronze
If you don’t know about something, you just have to learn it Reached 50% Gallery completion Silver
The outside world must be hundred times bigger than inside the Walls! Reached 100% Gallery completion Gold
Hmm…Not bad… Leveled the protagonist to max level Silver
Sorry, buddy, but I’m just a natural Leveled one character to max rank Silver
Devote your heart! Unlocked all characters Silver
This attack will be the final blow! Successfully completed a Sneak Attack Bronze
I’m the deliverer of death! Eliminated a Titan with the Hook Drive Bronze
I know we can win this if we work together! Use a Buddy Action Bronze
I’m just glad it didn’t turn out any worse… Saved 100 or more comrades Silver
I was able to control myself perfectly Avoided 100 Titan attacks Bronze
More…Must kill more… Eliminated a total of 1,000 enemies Silver
My specialty is tearing through flesh Got a 2,000 total body part destructions Silver
This is a true salute! Had over 100 allies join Bronze
This world has always been a living hell Had over 100 allies die Bronze
It’s great to have something you could put your life on the line for… Completed 100 Side Missions Bronze
Avoid unfavorable battles Built 100 bases in battle Bronze
No need to hold back Increased friendship rank Bronze
Don’t be stupid. I’ve always been talkative Leveled one character to max friendship Silver
It’s not so bad, being a goddess and all Leveled all characters to max friendship Gold
You mind if I take that? Sent 50 gifts Silver
As long as we keep fighting, we’ve still got a chance Used 1,000 Wings of Freedom Silver
Just shut your mouths and invest everything in me! Used more than 100,000 Regiment Funds in total Silver
No matter what you train in, it will serve humanity some day Maxed out all training Silver
Well, you see…It’s just seething with rage! Maxed out Titan Research Room level Silver