Attack on Titan: A quick recap of season 4 part 2 episode 2 “Sneak Attack”

January 21, 2022

Before the new episode airs this weekend, check out our quick recap of everything that happened in Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2!

Every week, fans of the colossal Attack on Titan anime have to ‘Pieck’ their Jaws up off the ground with each incredible new episode.

The iconic series made its triumphant return in early January, crashing its associated streaming platforms and trending none-stop on social media.

However, with such an outstanding episode as number 77, it can be easy to forget the mini-scenes that could hold importance as the battle in Shiganshina rages on.

So, here is our quick recap of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2, before the anime returns once again this weekend.


A quick recap of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2…

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 2, the 77th instalment of the hit anime series, was titled “Sneak Attack” and premiered worldwide on Sunday, January 16.

The episode opens where the previous episode ended, with the imprisoned Scouts discussing what to do after Onyankapon releases them.

Armin argues that Eren had to go along with Zeke and Yelena’s plans, but that he must have a plan of his own if he was willing to attack Liberio and hurt Mikasa.

“Hey, if we kill all our enemies over there. Will we finally… Be free?” – Eren Jaeger.

Armin says that he and Eren have known about Mikasa’s headaches for a while, which made his lies more believable. Mikasa appears to agree, but she seems reserved still about the comments Eren made about her being a slave to the Ackerman family curse.

Cut back to the battle outside, where Reiner continues to rive a spear from the War Hammer into the Attack Titan’s chest – who is roaring out in pain.

The Jaw Titan attacks Eren, but is easily thrown away as Reiner grapples with Eren once again. He appears to have Eren cornered, pinning the Attack Titan down with his nape exposed.

“Eren, I just want this to end. Why did I ever think we were the same? Enough already! Just go to sleep!” – Reiner.

Eren lets out another incredibly loud roar as he grabs the Armoured Titan by the jaw – the scream is so loud that it is rattling windows around the city and even hurting the ears of nearby Marley soldiers.

However, out of nowhere, Reiner is struck by a fast-moving object from atop the wall…Zeke as the Beast Titan is finally here to help ‘little brother’ out.

Zeke distracts the Cart Titan, who almost falls off the wall with General Magath and the Anti-Titan canon still attached – Floch and other Jaegerist’s close in around Pieck.

Armin and the remaining Scouts free the other imprisoned soldiers, the ones with the black armbands who drank wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid as Pyxis rallies the troops for a counterattack.

Zeke continues to bombard the Marley forces from the wall, sending the flying airships crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, Yelena watches on with an insane look on her face – only to be trumped by an even more crazy expression when starring down Armin.

Falco is amongst the freed soldiers, spotting Gabi and his brother who are hiding nearby, being let go by one of the Scout soldiers who says “This is no place for a kid. Go home.”

The trio then overhears the Braun family escape, with the father noting that he wishes they were safe, whilst the young girl reaffirms her wish to kill Gabi.

Gabi breaks down in tears, knowing that she has been lied to all this time about who the ‘Devils of Paradis’ were when Falco admits he is in love with her – perfect timing.

Eren is slowly making his way towards Zeke, but just when he is about to jump from the wall, a shot from the Anti-Titan canon fires straight through his nape.

The Beast Titan comes crashing to the ground, with Pieck having transformed out of her Cart Titan form to allow Magath to get a clear shot.

The episode ends with Reiner gearing up to attack Eren again, as Magath loads another Anti-Titan canon round – explaining that if Zeke still has an ounce of fight left, he’ll scream and turn the tide of the battle once again.

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