Will Attack on Titan Anime Have a Different Ending Than Manga?

A different ending isn't impossible.

By Shivam Gulati

May 29, 2021

A few days back, Attack on Titan manga’s final chapter leaked online. While most readers loved the final chapter, some fans aren’t exactly happy with the ending. Now, everyone wonders if the author will write a different ending for the AOT anime. Well, here’s what we think about it.

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has managed to become one of the most popular Japanese manga series of all time. Millions of fans are connected with the series because of its incredible storyline and characters.

Of course, for manga readers, the series has come to an end after the final volume got leaked; however, anime fans still have Season 4 Part 2 to look forward to.

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Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train English Dub Trailer

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train English Dub Trailer

Other Anime with original endings

We have seen several anime getting original and more satisfying endings compared to their manga. For instance, the Hunter x Hunter manga went on an unending hiatus, and the point where the series left off is frustrating for the fans. On the other hand, the anime adaptation left off with a more rounded-off and not so frustrating ending.

Death Note manga and anime endings are also slightly different. We don’t want to give any spoilers, but it has to do with how they handled Light Yagami in the end.

Besides that, Shaman King, Hellsing Ultimate, and Yu Yu Hakusho anime also deviated away from their respective manga in terms of endings.

Is a different ending for Attack on Titan anime Possible? [No Spoilers]

Every AOT fan, even those who didn’t read the manga, knows that several fans aren’t happy with how Isayama concluded the manga. So, the big question is, would anime fans see the same ending when Season 4 Part 2 releases next year?

Honestly, Part 2 of the AOT final season is already in production, so it doesn’t look like the anime’s ending will be different. Also, there’s no official confirmation from MAPPA or Isayama on a different anime ending; but there’s more to it.

After considering the community’s reaction to manga’s ending, MAPPA might ask Isayama if he wants to write an extended ending for the anime. And there’s a tiny chance that Isayama would consider writing a completely different ending for the anime adaptation.

Also, AOT Season 4 Part 2 is expected to come out by the end of 2022. So, both MAPPA and Isayama have enough time to reconsider things for the anime.

If Isayama wishes, there could very well be a different ending for Attack on Titan anime. But of course, we can’t be sure about it until we hear something official. For now, let’s say that a different ending for Attack on Titan anime isn’t entirely impossible.

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