Attack on Titan - Is Chapter 140 Coming? SPOILERS

Here's what we know about a potential Attack on Titan 140.

One of the biggest manga events of the year is happening this week: the release of Attack on Titan chapter 139. While this is meant to be the final chapter, is there going to be an Attack on Titan 140?

Right off the bat, this article is going to contain major spoilers for the ending of the Attack on Titan manga. This article is meant to be read after you’ve read the final chapter.

  • ENDING: Attack on Titan Ending Explained – Chapter 139 and Beyond SPOILERS

Attack on Titan Chapter 140

It’s been made pretty clear that Chapter 139 is the final chapter for Attack on Titan. It ends with Eren’s death and many of the main cast leaving Eldia. Despite a mixed fan reaction from the events of the chapter itself, it ties things up for the main cast pretty succinctly.

While it might seem like things are over, the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine Editorial Department released a statement thanking fans and commenting on the series as a whole.

Their full statement says:

This world that did not exist until 2009 was made into words and pictures, given meaning, turned into a story, printed in the first issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, and serialized for eleven years and seven months by Hajime Isayama’s hands. By no means were they eleven years and seven months of continued good news. This series was visited by troubles, sadness, and goodbyes. Even so, we believe that nothing is more valuable than people being able to share in emotions that cannot be put into words through a story. It makes us happy that we were able to feel that way with readers and partners by way of Attack on Titan. Though this series has come to an end, these memories are sure to always warm our hearts. Thank you for reading. Our battle is only getting started!!

The last line has gotten a lot people thinking. Is this actually the end of the series? Is Attack on Titan 140 coming?

While the series wraps up everything with the titans pretty definitively, the war in Eldia still rages on opening the door for more chapters and stories.

If Attack on Titan 140 were to come out, it probably would need to have an entirely new cast, or follow some of the younger characters who were aged up in the final pages of chapter 139.

Even if a sequel manga or continuation were coming, we probably wouldn’t hear about it for quite some time. For now, all we can do is wait.

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