Attack on Titan fans react to ep 78, calling it the best anime episode ever

January 24, 2022

Fans around the world are reacting to arguably the best and most dramatic episode of Attack on Titan to date, season 4 part 2 episode 3 (78).

January 23rd, 2022…anime fans from around the world should mark the date and celebrate it each year as ‘Super Sunday’.

The day opened with Demon Slayer airing one of the best episodes in the franchise’s history, with the showdown between Upper-Rank Gyutaro and the Sound Hashira Tengen.  

However, fans had barely recovered from Demon Slayer, before Attack on Titan decided to turn up the heat even more.

Now, fans around the world are sharing their reaction to Attack on Titan episode 78, arguably one of the best episodes in anime history!


Spoiler warning: This react and review article will contain spoilers for episode 78 of Attack on Titan, which aired on January 23rd.

What happened in Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 3?

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 3 opened with Porco Galliard as the Jaw Titan being horrifically beaten by Eren in the Attack. However, the Anti-Titan canon fires another shot, which strikes Eren directly and causes him to fall to the ground.

Colt and Falco run to the grounded Zeke, asking for enough time to get Falco out of range of his scream…but Zeke has run out of time, as has everyone who drank Marley’s wine, as he lets out an ear-piercing scream across Shiganshina.

Across the city, Titan’s begin to emerge from the transformed Eldians, including Falco – whose transformation destroys his own brother.

Zeke is struck by another Anti-Titan canon shot as Falco’s Titan begins to attack Reiner. Reiner is about to let Falco eat him, when Galliard appears preaching about how he now understands his own brother’s fate (Marcel) – who was eaten on the journey to Paradis years before.

Falco’s Titan eats Galliard, as Eren leaves his Titan form to run on foot to Zeke, who is himself crawling out of the Beast Titan towards his brother. However, in one of the most dramatic moments in Attack on Titan history, Gabi fires from the Anti-Titan sniper rifle and completely decapitates Eren…whose head is caught by Zeke!

Eren hen wakes up in The Paths, where Zeke has been trapped for an unknown period of time. He tells Zeke that he is betraying his and Yelena’s cause and will not go through with the euthanisation plan.

However, there is one final twist to the tale, Zeke has been in the Paths for so long that he has nullified the vow renouncing war and has now taken control of the Founder Titan himself.

Fans call Attack on Titan episode 78 the best ever…

The best television series in the world will make fans scream at the television screen, and there were several scenes in Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 3 that earned an audible gasp with fans.

The pure drama of this series is outstanding; the past six episodes have each felt like a milestone for the franchise, only to be surpassed by the quality of the following broadcast.


Of course, everyone is talking about Gabi’s sniper shot, which decapitated our main protagonist in a particularly brutal manner. Whilst every single fan was shaken to their core by the goriness of Eren’s ‘death’, everyone can agree that from a storytelling perspective, it was magnificent.

The use of freeze frames, panning single shots and the directing when the shot rings out is more-than-worthy of global praise. The calm before the storm, the quiet moment of reflection in the heat of battle, the extremely graphic nature of a single scene; whatever you want to call it, call it awesome.

Attack on Titan has been trending on social media platforms around the world since episode 78 aired yesterday, with fans calling it the best ever episode in the series to date.

Finally, we come full circle to the start of this article, where fans around the world are celebrating the quality of both Attack on Titan and Demon S Layer.

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