Attack on Titan: Fans react to new manga ending, 8 more pages added!

By Tom Llewellyn

May 19, 2021

Attack on Titan fans have given a mixed reaction to the new eight pages of content that will be added to the manga’s finale on social media.

Social media is once again flooded with fan opinions on the biggest anime/manga franchise in the world, Attack on Titan.

However, with the news that the manga series would be receiving a ‘new’ ending, the posts and comments on social media have been somewhat mixed.

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Why are there new Attack on Titan pages?

The reason why Isayama is releasing new Attack on Titan pages was revealed in a recent interview he did with Kodansha.

In the interview, the artist said that there was a page limit for the last chapter, number 139, which released in April.

Due to publication constraints, Isayama had to cut Attack on Titan chapter 139 short by about 10 pages.

How to read the new pages…

An additional eight pages to the Attack on Titan manga’s ending will be released as part of Volume 34, the final volume in the series.

The last Attack on Titan volume will drop on June 9th, with the following contents expected:

Volume 34 will include chapters 135-139 as listed below:

  • Chapter 135 – “Battle of Heaven and Earth”
  • Chapter 136 – “Devote Your Hearts”
  • Chapter 137 – “Titans”
  • Chapter 138 – “A Long Dream”
  • Chapter 139 – “Toward the Tree on That Hill” + an additional eight pages.

However, in advance of the final volume releasing, the new pages have been leaked online.

Fans react to the additional pages…

For obvious reasons, we won’t reveal any spoilers from the new pages being added in Volume 34. If you want to find out how to purchase the final volume yourself, check out our article here.

However, the reaction to the additional pages has been decidedly mixed; with some people praising Isayama for adding more context and others criticising it for doubling-down on an already controversial ending.

Arguably the majority of responses to the new pages are positive, with fans claiming that the additional content provided a more sober, traumatic (and ultimately better) ending.

However, there are some fans who are critical of the additional pages.

Fan favourite YouTuber ‘ForneverWorld’ reacted to the recent update in one of his latest videos, titled “Attack On Titan FULL NEW ENDING Is Here and It’s EVEN WORSE Than Before”.

Straight away in the introduction, the anime and manga commentator gets straight to the point, saying that “this is one of the most disappointing endings I’ve ever seen in my life.  

“[Talking about a spoiler] That doesn’t make sense. Hogwash. I reject this ending, I don’t like this ending. Eren did everything for nothing…Eren did everything to fill Isayama’s pockets essentially.” – ForneverWorld, via YouTube.

Unfortunately, it appears that the controversy from Attack on Titan’s ending will not be squashed by these additional pages.

This article will be updated as more information and reactions to the new pages become available.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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