Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 Ending Explained

One of the best AoT episodes so far.

January 23, 2022

MAPPA recently released the much-awaited episode 19 of Attack on Titan Season 4. Unlike the first two episodes of the Part, the third episode featured an ending that left fans in confusion.

The latest episode started exactly where the previous one left off, and we see Beast Titan falling to the ground. However, Zeke is still alive, so Eren picks up the pace and starts moving towards his brother to make contact with him.

Armored Titan and Jaw Titan do everything in their power to stop Eren. Eren humiliates Jaw Titan by punching his face several times, and Galliard takes serious injuries from Eren’s attack. But Reiner does get hold of Eren and pins him down. So, Zeke decided to do what everyone feared and opened up his mouth to scream.

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What Happened in Attack on Titan’s Latest Episode?

Even after learning that Falco has ingested Zeke’s fluid, he screams and turns several people within the walls into Titans. After this, he is hit by another bullet and everyone, especially Reiner, puts their guard down, thinking that Zeke is dead. However, Zeke was just pretending to be dead. Now, on one side, Galliard sacrifices himself by offering himself to Falco, and Eren leaves his Titan form and starts running towards Zeke. But surprisingly, Gabi blasts off Eren’s head with a bullet. At that point, fans believed that Eren was dead, but as it turns out, Zeke made contact with Eren’s head before he passed out.

After this, Eren wakes up at what Zeke says is the Coordinate, where all paths converge into one. There, Eren sees Zeke in chains, and the Beast Titan tells him that several years have passed. Eren sees the Founder Ymir approaching them, and Zeke tells him that Ymir once rebuilt his body with the surrounding Earth. And the same way she built the chains to contain Zeke because of the Vow Renouncing War. However, Eren can move freely here because he doesn’t have Royal Blood, so the Vow doesn’t apply to him.

Finally, Zeke asks Eren to command Ymir about making Eldians unable to have children. But as expected, Eren says no to Zeke’s plan, stating that he was playing along with Zeke only to get here. Now, Eren asks Founder Ymir to lend him her powers. But shockingly, Ymir heads straight towards Zeke.

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Apparently, Zeke was just testing Eren, and he had already obtained Founding Titan’s powers. Zeke reveals that after spending a great deal of time with Ymir, he was able to nullify the Vow Renouncing War, the Vow that Karl Fritz made with the Founding Titan. So, Zeke was able to renounce the Vow that held him back all those years, and that’s the reason why he can walk freely in this place.

Also, even though Ymir is the Founder, she is still a slave to someone with Royal Blood. Since Zeke has the Royal Blood and has nullified the Vow, he can command Ymir according to his liking. In short, Zeke got everything he wanted, but he still isn’t ready to abandon Eren.

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