Attack on Titan: Spin Off Series Hinted at in New Manga Ending!

The contents of the additional eight pages to Volume 34 of the Attack on Titan manga hint at a spin off or sequel series being produced!

Attack on Titan is arguably the biggest anime and manga franchise in the world right now.

However, with the final manga volume dropping next month, what are the chances of a spin off or sequel series?

Well, maybe the chances of more Attack on Titan are higher than expected, following the eight pages that are being added to the ending.

SPOILER WARNING: This article will contain spoilers and leaks for the final volume of Attack on Titan.

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Attack on Titan’s new ending…

An additional eight pages will be added to the Attack on Titan ending in Volume 34 of the manga, which is scheduled to drop on June 9th.

However, the new content has already been revealed on social media, with fans having a mixed reaction to the final ending.

In these additional eight pages, we see an elderly Mikasa, Jean and a child visiting a lone tree in an urban city.

One flashforward later, Mikasa is being buried with Eren’s scarf around her neck – which looks to be near to where Eren is buried himself.

Another flashforward and the city around the tree is being completely annihilated by a group of heavy bombers.

The series ends with one final flashforward, to when the city is completely destroyed and only the singular tree is left standing. A young girl approaches the tree with her dog, a girl that looks suspiciously like Mikasa.

This tree is likely the same tree that Ymir entered with the Centipede, showing that history only repeats itself.

Attack on Titan: Spin off series…

After reading the additional ending to Attack on Titan, countless fans are theorising that a spin off series will be produced.

The reason for this is the focus on that Mikasa-looking girl under the Ymir/Centipede tree, with many simply stating ‘Why include this in the final eight pages, if not to hint at a spin off?’.

Certainly, thinking about the final ending to Attack on Titan from a business standpoint, it makes sense that Isayama or Kodansha would want some type of sequel story.

Attack on Titan is the biggest series and presumably ‘money-maker’ for the Kodansha company. Considering the extreme popularity of this franchise, it’s now extremely reasonable and realistic to assume that this particular series will be milked for as much content as it can be.

In our article covering the response to the additional pages, we reported on how fan favourite YouTuber ‘ForneverWorld’ reacted to the new ending; however, he also touched on the potential spin off series.

“This was a cash grab. The ending was a cash grab for whatever is to come next. I don’t know if Isayama is going to draw this potential sequel/spin off with this character, this Mikasa descendent and what not. He might not be in charge of it, but its going to happen. There’s no way they [Kodansha] are allowing this to go down. This is Kodansha’s biggest property, Attack on Titan, and yeah.” – ForneverWorld, via YouTube.

At the time of writing, there is no official information or credible leaks that an Attack on Titan spin off or sequel is being produced. However, after these additional pages are released, expect some type of news regarding a return to Paradis.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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