Attack on Titan and Samurai Warriors VR Games Announced for Koei Tecmo’s VR Sense

Attack on Titan and Samurai Warriors VR Games Announced for Koei Tecmo’s VR Sense

Koei Tecmo announces new games for its PlayStation VR-based arcade machines VR Sense, including Attack on Titan and Samurai Warriors.

Today Koei Tecmo hosted a presentation in Japan to announce the strategy for its PlayStation VR-based arcade cabinets VR Sense.

The cabinets will start operation across Japan on December 21st with two different models, Sparkling Silver and Sparking Blue. Each model will have three of the six launch games built-in.

The blue version will come with Super Sengoku Coaster, 3 Majesty x X.I.P. Dream*Live, and Horror Sense. The silver version will include Super Sengoku Musou, Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense, and GI Jockey Sense.

Interestingly, two new games have also been announced, Attack on Titan and a proper Samurai Warriors game. It’s worth mentioning that Super Sengoku Coaster is kind of a Samurai Warriors game, but it’s actually a themed VR rollercoaster.

No release windows were mentioned for those two games. This is also quite interesting, because when the arcade machines were officially announced back in June, Koei Tecmo executives mentioned the intention of porting the games to the console-based PlayStation VR. That shouldn’t be too difficult, considering that VR Sense’s heart is a PlayStation 4 Pro with a PlayStation VR attached.

What sets the arcade version aside is the presence of several ancillary elements including a multi-purpose 3D seat, a “fragrance” feature to enhance the sense of presence, a tactile feature to provide unexpected surprises, a wind feature to give the feeling of movement, heating and cooling to convey the changes in the environment, and a mist feature to simulate the climate, like rain and moisture.

Another interesting element is that General Producer Kou Shibusawa mentioned that the company would like to expand VR Sense beyond Japan and Asia, into a worldwide distribution.

If you’re curious about VR Sense, I actually tried it when it was being tested in Tokyo back in September, and you can read all about my experience in our dedicated article.