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June 29, 2021

Now, before we start this review, I’m not the biggest audiophile. I appreciate good quality sound and I want the best, but in no way am I an expert. So, if this sounds like you, this is the review you’re after.

With that in mind, I recently got my hands on a set of the Audeze Mobius headset as, despite not being the newest headphones on the market, they come with a free copy of Resident Evil Village.

While highly superficial, first impressions count, and I was impressed with the way the Audeze Mobius was packaged. The headset was neatly and safely in the box and included all the cables you’d need – USB A to USB C, USB C to USB C and your AUX cable.


The charging cables are exceptionally long and because of this much-needed feature, my Audeze cables are now my primary charging cables. I have them plugged into both my PC and PS5.

As soon as the headphones arrived, and after manoeuvring the box, I was excited to try them on. My initial concerns were that the size of the cushions was too small to fit my ears, but that worry was instantly washed away.

The comfort of the headphones is unparalleled to any that I’ve personally tried.

The comfort of the headphones is unparalleled to any that I’ve personally tried. Both the earpads and headband have exceptionally comfortable memory foam cushions that, apart from being a little tight for noise cancellation purposes, are almost unnoticeable.

The headset is incredibly lightweight too and comes with a handy little travel bag included so, once being able to travel resumes, this will be my headset of choice.

Following the comfort, the next big thing for me personally was the ease of use. I’m not an idiot but I’m certainly no expert, so a headset that I can just plug in and get the best sound quality from would be ideal and, you guessed it, the Audeze Mobius does this.

There are minimal buttons on the headset itself and no awkward software required to download to get the best sound quality. It came charged, I plugged it in and I was away. Not only was it super simple to plug the aux in (of course) but setting up the Bluetooth capabilities took a mere matter of minutes.

It should be noted that you can use the Immersive Hive app to make the most of the headset, however, that wasn’t something I personally needed.

Then we get to the sound quality, and for me, the Mobius is unparalleled to any other headset I’ve used.

The sound is crystal clear at all times and often sounded like I was in a cinema.

Prior to this, I was using the PlayStation Platinum headset, which is great. However, whilst the Platinum is solid, the Mobius is something else. The sound is crystal clear at all times and it often sounded like I was in a cinema. Whether I was watching TV, listening to music or playing a game, the Mobius excelled.

The 3D Audio is another fantastic feature and the realism and effectiveness of it regularly made me forget that the sound was coming through a headset and not the source.

My biggest gripe with the Mobius, and it’s not really that big, is the battery. While the headset supposedly gets 10 hours battery life, I didn’t get that and recharging also took a little while longer than I’d hoped.

Not only this, but once the battery is low, the headset tells you it’s running out of juice every 30 seconds or so, rendering it mostly unusable until you find time to recharge it. Of course, you can still use it whilst it’s charging with your whopping charging cables providing you’re by a power source but it’s still an inconvenience.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Audeze Mobius. The ease of use, comfort and sound quality ticked every single box that I am personally looking for. The battery situation was a pain but nothing major and the $399.99 price points a little high, however, don’t let that put you off if you’re in the market for a premium headset as the Mobius is a fantastic piece of kit and worth every penny.

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