Audio Intelligence Tech Demonstrated for Wii Light Saber Battles

By Jon Ireson

July 28, 2010

When it comes to what makes a game great, many people agree that an intense soundtrack has a lot to do with it. One thing that we all have become accustomed to as gamers is ambient music. This is essentially music that changes on the fly based on the action that is taking place in the game you are playing. Soundtrack interactivity is exactly what Psai, a new ambient sound engine for the Nintendo Wii, is all about. In the following video you will see a light saber battle taking place. Though there is no game-play being shown here the game is not what is being showcased, but rather the sound and music. The way the music keeps up with the pace of the light saber battle is precisely what gamers want when they think of ambient music. As the battle gets more intense, more drums are slammed, more chords creep in, and in this demo you’ll see that if done well ambient sound can produce some amazing results.

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