Auditorium Comes to the PS3, Dubbed Auditorium HD

Auditorium Comes to the PS3, Dubbed Auditorium HD


Auditorium, from developer Cipher Prime, has previously existed solely on smaller screens, such as iOS devices, but later this month it is coming to the big screen by way of the PlayStation 3. I’m having a hard time formulating a coherent stream of words to describe exactly what Auditorium is, so I’ll let the press release do that for me.

Auditorium is a captivating game of discovery and play that takes players on a visual and audio journey as they guide a constant stream of tiny moving light and sound particles into Audio Containers that create harmony as they build an orchestrated soundtrack. Seamlessly mixing enchanting audio layers and iridescent graphics with creative and challenging gameplay, Auditorium invites players to explore and use their intuition.”

In addition to the 72 levels from the original game, the PS3 iteration, dubbed Auditorium HD, will have an additional 78 levels that will be exclusive to the that console version. The PS3 version will also support 3D technology and have Move support, to give the game the widest possible tech spectrum. Using the Move controller, you move the Flow in a more fluid and natural way, but the DualShock 3 controller can also be used, of course.

Auditorium HD is looking at a November 23rd release on the PlayStation Network, and the price will be $9.99. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty great deal for an interesting, innovative title like this, which breaks the mold of the constant stream of similar titles that seem to grace the AAA game space these days. Hit the break below for a bevy of screens from the PS3 release.