Auroch Digital Holds Charity Sale with All Proceeds To Benefit Australian Animal Rescue

The Australian Animal Rescue is saving animals from the brushfires. Auroch Digital is doing what they can to raise awareness for the cause.

In today’s news that will warm your cold gamer heart, Auroch Digital is currently holding a sale for their latest board game Mars Horizon: Blast Off! However, unlike a traditional sale, they aren’t offering any sort of discount. Instead, all proceeds from this sale will go directly to the Australian Animal Rescue, as they try to save koalas, kangaroos, and all the other Australian wildlife from the brushfires.

In every way, this is an incredibly wholesome move from Auroch Digital. They’ve made it clear time and again that they’re making no money from this. They simply want to do what they can to help. This is a great way to raise awareness within the gaming community. And we all know when that community comes together, it can do amazing things.

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable using Auroch Digital as something of a middle-man, the company encourages you to donate directly. However, I feel confident in saying you can rest assured that this is a legitimate operation. The team has a history of directly supporting charities like the Gamers for Orcas event, so I highly doubt there’s anything to worry about. Plus, this way you get a cool game! Not that you should expect to ‘get’ anything from donating to a charity, but if this move means more people donate, then I’ll take it.

Auroch Digital is running its “sale” until January 19. If you’d like to donate through them and pick up a new game, check out their website. However, if you want to just donate directly to the fund, here is the official site. Either way, know that you’re helping support a great cause. I’ll leave you a quick look at one of the animals the Australian Animal Rescue team has saved. Warning: it’s super cute.

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