Alexa Ray Corriea


Preview: Eligium: The Chosen One

At GDC earlier this month I got some preview time with Eligium: The Chosen One,  an upcoming MMO from Frogster and Shanda Games. While it's fairly similar to most click-to-move MMOs out there, several quirky gems


Is There More Uncharted on the Way?

Either tomorrow will bring a new announcement on the Uncharted franchise, or PlayStation is celebrating April Fool's Day early. PlayStation Norway's official Facebook page has posted an image of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen with the word "Uutforsket"


Review: SoulCalibur V Soundtrack

No good battle is complete without music to trounce to. Curb-stomping your opponent and wiping their eyeballs on the pavement isn't quite as satisfying without a hard-hitting, soul-thumping soundtrack. Part of what makes the SoulCalibur series so