Drew Mills


God of War III E3 Demo Impressions

One word to describe it...


It's fantastic.

Gameplay, is as always in a GoW game, amazing action. From running the Blades of Chaos into an harpy then ripping it in half as you jump to the


Update on Resident Evil Chopper

With Capcom and Savage Cycles are planning to unveil the finished RE Chopper on January 8th in Las Vegas. Here are a few pictures of the bike nearing completion and adding some details...


Rock Band is a Little Bit… Country?

MTV Games and Harmonix announced today that they will be releasing "Goin Country Pack 2." The pack will include hits (I guess?) from Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, and Martina McBride. These tracks will hit the


Schrödinger’s Rat App Available Now

Contrary to what you may expect from the title, this has nothing to do with the famous Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment from the 1930's. For those unfamiliar with the experiment, scientist Erwin Schrödinger invented an experiment wherein


NBA 2K10 All-Star Challenge

2k Sports announced today that they are holding an tournament for NBA 2k10 for the XBOX 360 through Xbox Live. Interested ballers can register now through January 16th, when the registration and qualification period end. The top


THQ Bodyslams WWE for 8 More Years

Today, the WWE and THQ announced that they had reached an 8 year deal for giving THQ exclusive rights to all video games concering WWE. This is 3 years longer than the previous agreement THQ and WWE


Review: Assassin’s Creed II

I am a white American male, and I am a minority. However, the color of my skin or the fact that I have a penis has nothing to do with why I am a minority. I am


Hotel Giant 2 in January 2010

Southpeak Games, along with Nobilis Games announced that Hotel Giant 2 will be hitting PCs in January of 2010.  Eager hotel owner wannabes will be thrown into strange and unusual situations with 1 thing on their


Sam Jackson bound for iPhone and iPod

Heatwave Interactive announced today that they are developing iSamJackson app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  This app will feature soundboard that houses a multitude of quotes from the king of cool, as well as original


Get to the Choppa!

A Resident Evil chopper is being built out of one of the coolest (and one of the strangest) licensing deals in videogame history. Savage Cycles out of Frostburg, Maryland is building the zombie killing motorcycle. As with


World’s Largest Army is Where?

With more than 8 million virtual warriors active in Modern Warfare 2's first five days, Activision now boasts that they have the world's largest virtual army. This vast number doesn't really mean much until its compared to