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DualShockers PSA 10/4

Hello everyone, I regret to inform you that due to technical upgrades behind the scenes the DualCast will not be posted until tomorrow. We have a great show for you involving topics such as JRPGs and the


Early Look: Knights Contract

In the latest episode of DualShockersTV our man on the scene Arman Azarani interviews Brandon C. Williams of Namco Bandai after getting an eyes-on peek at the upcoming 2011 title Knights Contract that puts the medieval and


Preview: Tumble (PS Move) Impressions

Tumble, which features single player and multiplayer, is a game for the PlayStation Move on PS3 that has players "reaching into the screen" to build together in a Jenga-like fashion solving puzzles, performing balancing acts, and of


Final Fantasy XIV Now Available on PC

MMO-RPG gamers across the world should be rejoicing today as another heavyweight title joins the genre from Square Enix. The long awaited sequel to Final Fantasy XI has arrived for PC. Those with the Collector's Edition have


Why We Need PlayStation Eye 2.0

PlayStation Eye has never been a particularly exciting investment for gamers. I, for one, enjoy the device a lot as it has the 4 microphone array which provides me with a higher quality way to talk to


Review: NHL 2K11

NHL 2K11 on the iPhone and iPod Touch is a sports game that delivers a high caliber of play on the go, with graphics that don't disappoint and often an A.I. that will have you cursing


Review: Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2: Armageddon is the sequel to the recent revival of a long-standing franchise called Worms. This is a game based on turn-based strategy, yet it is also a 2D shooter by all intensive means. Players will


Review: Elemental: War of Magic

Elemental: War of Magic brings together the traditional strategy RPG battle system, elements of classic board games, and oddly enough visual and strategic inspiration from the traditional game of chess. While at first I did not know


Shock Value: TimeShift

[Shock Value is a weekly segment which runs down inexpensive titles that are more than worth the money spent.]

Title: TimeShift

Developer: Saber Interactive

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment