Kyle Durant


Rumor: Warhawk Sequel in Development?

The good folks over at PlayStation Systemlink reportedly have a reliable source within Sony Computer Entertainment. This source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that a sequel to the PS3 exclusive, Warkhawk, is in development and has


New and Old Kingdom Hearts 3D Details Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been met with much “head scratching” acclaim. Gamers’ first reactions was “this is KH3 because it has a three in the title and takes place after the second game!”


Mario Meets Portal in Insane Video

What’s that saying…“the shortest distance between two objects is a straight line?” Well the gaming comedians over at have obliterated said line and its physics to unstable amounts within a classic Mario game. Dorkly


New PS3 Model Confirmed in FCC Files

First, I would like to ask all readers to take their mind off of the occurring events with the PSN and its current status. You won’t be able to appreciate this news if you have a bias


Review: Patapon 3

The third Patapon installment will be a game you hate to love. It has all the components that drive some gamers mad. You’ll find level grinding abundant, repetitive gameplay, and an overall feeling of either you or


Portable PS3 and 360 System

Come on, who hasn't imagined bringing our consoles anywhere with us and being able to use them at any given moment? It's almost like an unlimited fun time! Manufacturer GAEMS has put up a listing for their


Mass Effect Series Has Sold Over 7 Million Copies

Although we’ve seen higher numbers, this statistic is still very impressive. Both Mass Effect games across 3 different platforms have sold over seven million copies and counting. Plus, why shouldn’t it? The ME series is one of


No Dedicated Servers for Uncharted 3

With all the story and multiplayer details that have been bursting out as of late…it’s leading many to wonder if Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will implement dedicated servers. Sadly, the third Uncharted game’s multiplayer will have a


Resident Evil 6 to Be “Totally Different”

The Resident Evil series has a place in the hearts of all horror survivor enthusiasts. Sadly, to some RE4 was the last, best Resident Evil game. Chris’ outing in Resident Evil 5 was widely criticized by critics