Kyle Durant


See Your Ugly Face in Resistance 3

Ever want to see yourself in a video game for self-satisfaction or bragging rights? Well Insomniac Games is giving you the chance with their upcoming sequel, Resistance 3. You won't play a major role in the game


Rumor: Wii 2 Details Leaked?

A media website, with a user by the name of misterxmedia, has reported that a “reliable source” gave them details on Nintendo's next gaming console. Reportedly, the Wii 2 will “have a mobile projector and a Kinect-like


Socom 4 Beta Detailed

Over the weekend Zipper explained ,on their forums, how to get into the Socom 4 beta. Needless to say, everyone who owns a PS3 will eventually get in it. You guys can still brag about who got


Mortal Kombat Welcomes Zombies

It seems zombies are becoming a mainstay in the video game entertainment industry. Why else would a beloved fighting franchise include it in its upcoming game releasing this April? The zombie mode will be “a game mode


Batman: Arkham City Release Date Set?

Rocksteady Studios has been rather quiet about the Batman sequel besides the occasional “it will come out in 2011.” Luckily, we may have gained some insight on the game’s release date whether it was intentional or


GDC11: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Gameplay/Info

With my previous run in a Resistance game (check my bio below), I have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series which will release September 6th. Sadly, I've learned that the online will now only


Killzone 3 1.04 Patch Detailed

Are my fellow PS3 loving, Killzone 3 playing gamers having some difficulties with the multiplayer? Do you experience random network errors, parties being disbanded for no reason, and certain hit detection issues? Well Guerrilla Games hears you


GDC11: Gears of War on PS3 a Possibility

Mike Capps, Epic Games president, reveals he has had a long standing interest in getting Gears of War over to the PS3. What’s preventing him is “Microsoft’s compelling reasons” to stay with them. May I be the


Awesome inFAMOUS 2 Dynamic Theme

With the recent announcement of Cole’s next adventure getting a Play, Create, and Share attitude, Sucker Punch followed up with an awesome PS3 dynamic theme to go along with the game. It features Cole depicted as his


GDC11: 72% of Gamers Completed Heavy Rain

David Cage, president of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain developer), announced this staggering statistic at the company’s panel during GDC. As a gamer who has earned the Platinum trophy in this interactive crime drama, you can believe me


Smart or Stupid: A Devil May Cry Reboot

To the misfortune (or luck) of fanboys everywhere, Capcom announced, at Tokyo Game Show 2010, that the Devil May Cry series will be getting a gothic reboot. For those just finding out about this (which is quite


GDC11: Play, Create, and Share with inFAMOUS 2!?

An impressive feature reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, revealed itself at GDC last night. Sucker Punch announced that inFAMOUS 2 will be adapting PlayStation’s Play, Create, and Share design. In short, inFAMOUS 2 will be getting


Crytek Says No to Online Pass

Gamertag Radio has recently confirmed that Crysis 2 won’t make use of EA’s Online Pass. The Online Pass, too many gamers dismay, charges you $10 for any online component you buy used to an EA published game.


School Shooter…WTF!?

Developer Checkerboarded Studios latest project (a source engine mod) is the amply disturbing School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. In this game you play as a problematic child who is suffering from unknown problems and finally snaps


Comment and Win Alan Wake

Were you one of the many people who didn’t pick up Alan Wake because of God of War III, Heavy Rain, or whatever despicable reason you can come up with? Well let me tell you that Alan


ESRB Releases Portal 2 Rating

The second Portal game this time around receives an E 10+ rating for fantasy and mild violence. But that isn’t all as the official rating summary below reveals some gameplay details about the upcoming puzzle game sequel.