Mostafa Hossam


Housemarque’s Alienation Moved to March 23rd

Housemarque's Alienation moved to March 23rd, instead of the rumored March 2nd.

Last year, according to UK's PlayStation Store and several other regions, Alienation had a release date of March 2nd. However, earlier today, Housemarque replied to


Scalebound Delayed to 2017

PlatinumGames' Xbox One exclusive Scalebound is delayed to 2017.

The developer stated in its recent blog post, that they are pushing their upcoming game to 2017, in order to deliver on their "ambitious vision and ensure that


Prison Architect Update 2 Adds Women’s Prisons

Introversion Software's Prison Architect now has women's prisons.

Prison Architect lets you manage your own 2D prison, from construction to executing prisoners. Now, with the depolyment of update 2.0, you can manage women prisons as well.