Rob Bateman


PACMAN The Movie Trailer (unofficial)

Video games typically dont translate well into movies for many reasons but the most common is that script writers generally have a hard time converting what makes an immersive game into a big screen experience. So here


PAIN + Crazy Taxi = Kung Fu Rider

When I first saw Kung Fu Rider at the Sony Beta Rooms event then the first thing that hit me was how much the visual style reminded me of Pain. The premise of the game is pretty


Final Fantasy XIII – What the Hell Happened?

Final Fantasy XIII is a game that has polarised RPG fans between those who believe it is oustanding piece of well crafted story telling, and those who think its is nothing more than a tedious corridor simulator.


Alan Wake – Unreleased Trailer

Previously unreleased trailer for Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake. This trailer showcases the games horror elements and includes comments from some of the beta testers who are clearly unsettled by the games psychological mind-games.