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Born in Queens, 21. I talk about video games and film. Favorite games are Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Pokemon Gold, and Persona 4 Golden. Favorite films are The Grand Budapest Hotel, Princess Mononoke, and Skyfall.
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2064: Read Only Memories Review — A Well Realized Neo-San Francisco Future

As an adventure game, 2064: Read Only Memories has to contend with delivering gameplay that won’t become obtuse to the point of absurdity and a narrative to keep the player compelled to move forward even if the ...Read More

on January 23, 2017 1:00 PM
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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review — All Bark, No Bite

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a bright, vibrant, and energetic action platformer that mixes elements of some of the best from the genre without every really offering a substantial challenge. There are some aspects of Metroid, with new ...Read More

on December 31, 2016 5:00 PM
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HTC Shuts Down Rumors of Premiering Vive 2 at CES 2017

Addressing recent rumors of a Vive 2 being premiered at CES in Las Vegas, HTC has confirmed there will be no such product at the convention. Speaking to UplaodVR, HTC stated, ...Read More

on December 31, 2016 10:48 AM
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Arcade Archives: Alpha Mission II Trophies Reward High-Score Chasers

The trophies for Arcade Archives: Alpha Mission II have been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. With six trophies total, split between two gold, three silver, and one bronze, there is not a lot to chase after in ...Read More

on December 31, 2016 8:56 AM
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Heroes of the Storm’s Brawl of the Week Features New Single-Lane Diablo Map

This week's Brawl of the Week inside Heroes of the Storm featured a single-lane battleground map to celebrate Diablo's 20th anniversary. This map features, "art straight out of the High Heavens, a couple of Mercenary Camps, and ...Read More

on December 31, 2016 8:43 AM
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Digimon World: Next Order PlayStation 4 Trophies Require Raising 200 Digimon Types

Digimon World: Next Order's trophies have been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. There are forty-five trophies, with a platinum, three gold, eleven silver, and thirty gold making up the total. Three gold trophies require the player to ...Read More

on December 24, 2016 1:30 PM
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Heroes of the Storm Featured Holiday Event is Snow Brawl

Heroes of the Storm has introduced its weekly Brawl of the Week with a holiday theme: Snow Brawl. In this mode players must pick from three randomly selected heroes in thirty seconds. The map is set to ...Read More

on December 24, 2016 1:18 PM
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Mario Party 2 Now Available for Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo has released Mario Party 2 onto the Wii U Virtual Console just in time for holiday frustrations. Developed by Hudson Soft and released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64, Mario Party 2 was released onto the ...Read More

on December 24, 2016 12:58 PM
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SNK and Sony Release Fu’Un Super Combo in Europe, More NeoGeo Titles Planned for 2017

Having previously released on December 20 for the North American PlayStation Store, the Fu'Un Super Combo from SNK is now available in Europe as well. Coming by way of Sony and SNK working to bring older titles ...Read More

on December 24, 2016 12:48 PM
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Strafe PlayStation 4 Preview — Hampered by Early Development

Evoking the look and feel of a generation of first person shooters that have long come and gone, Strafe on PlayStation 4 needs some work before it becomes a spiritual successor to the likes of Doom and ...Read More

on December 21, 2016 4:00 PM
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Ace Combat 7 Preview — Among the Clouds in Virtual Reality

Playing Ace Combat 7 while using the PlayStation VR headset is a strange mixture of familiar and alien.  Ace Combat 7 returns to the fictional world of Strangereal, dropping terms recognizable to fans of the numbered ...Read More

on December 21, 2016 2:37 PM
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Niantic Labs Confirms Pokemon Go For Apple Watch is “Coming Soon”

In a Tweet sent yesterday afternoon from the official Pokemon Go account, Niantic Labs confirmed that Apple Watch support will be coming soon. This feature was originally announced in September but has not been mentioned since. ...Read More

on December 18, 2016 10:18 AM
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Overwatch Game Director Apologizes for Mei’s Legendary Holiday Skin

Jeff Kaplan, Game Director on Overwatch, has posted in the Battle.net forums responding to criticism of Mei's Legendary Holiday skin which was included with the Overwatch Holiday Update on December 13. ...Read More

on December 17, 2016 2:07 PM
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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Trophies Don’t Break From Tradition

For most of Telltale's recent licensed games the trophies have only ever required you to complete each chapter once. Now with Season 3 of The Walking Dead, dubbed A New Frontier, they won't break from that tradition. ...Read More

on December 17, 2016 1:54 PM
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Gearsmas Pack Unleashes Ugly Cosmetics and More in Gears of War 4

Developer The Coalition has launched a holiday update for Gears of War 4: Gearsmas. Included is over 30 pieces of festive content, a new playlist featuring the first custom Gears of War 4 weapon, and more. ...Read More

on December 17, 2016 1:22 PM
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Receive $30 Gift Code For Major Retailers With Purchase of an Xbox One S Bundle

Not only can you now purchase a new Xbox One S console bundle for $249, but you can also receive a $30 gift card with participating retailers. The Xbox One S has been discounted temporarily since December ...Read More

on December 17, 2016 1:00 PM
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Super Mega Baseball 2 PlayStation 4 Preview — Aiming for the Fences

Super Mega Baseball 2 takes out the super cartoony elements from the first game's visuals and, instead, ups the customization and arcade feel of the main game. While the basic gameplay has stayed generally the same, the ...Read More

on December 15, 2016 5:00 PM
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Ace Combat 7 Interview: Producer Talks PS4 Pro, VR, Fictional World, Ace Combat 4/5 Comparison and More

Allowing players to once again take to the skies above the fictional world of Strangereal, Ace Combat 7 is the first numbered sequel for the franchise in ten years. Returning to produce from Project Aces is Franchise ...Read More

on December 15, 2016 2:47 PM
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Flinthook PlayStation 4 Preview — High-Flying Grappling Fun

Flinthook is awesome to control. As a rogue-like pixel-art game featuring a grappling hook, Flinthook has some of the tightest controlling platforming I've ever seen. Grappling from hanging chains covering the walls and alternating between them with ...Read More

on December 15, 2016 2:39 PM
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Pokemon Go’s Nearby Pokemon Feature Expanded

Niantic has expanded the Nearby Pokemon feature to more locations for Pokemon Go. Users in most regions of the world with access to Pokemon Go through the App Store and Google Play can now test it out. ...Read More

on December 11, 2016 2:56 PM
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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero PlayStation 4 Trophies Require 100% Completion and Speedrunning

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's PlayStation 4 trophies feature a platinum, as well as requirements to beat the game with 100% completion and, "as fast as possible!" With forty-three trophies total, split between a platinum, four gold, eight ...Read More

on December 11, 2016 2:09 PM
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Stardew Valley PlayStation 4 Trophies Includes Platinum, Vita Version Listed

Stardew Valley's PlayStation 4 Trophies includes a platinum trophy among its forty-one total trophies. There are twenty-six bronze, ten silver, four gold, and one platinum trophy making up the total. Curiously a PlayStation Vita version is listed ...Read More

on December 11, 2016 1:50 PM
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Danganronpa V3 and Gravity Rush 2 Collaborative Livestream Announced for December 25

Both Danganronpa V3 and Gravity Rush 2 will be holding a joint livestream on December 25 at 4 AM Pacific Time. This collaboration is due to their release dates in Japan being separated by five days. PlayStation ...Read More

on December 11, 2016 1:32 PM
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Halo World Championship 2017 Schedule Announced for $1 Million Prize Pool

The Halo World Championship 2017 schedule has been announced by developer 343 Industries. Presented alongside ESL, the 2017 Finals features twelve of the top squads from around the world competing for a $1 million prize pool. Seven ...Read More

on December 11, 2016 1:04 PM
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Daily Rewards Introduced to Gears of War 4

The Coalition has introduced a new update the brings in Daily Rewards for Gears of War 4. These rewards are a gift given once you load up Gears of War 4 and range from Bounty awards to ...Read More

on December 10, 2016 2:17 PM
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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Released on Virtual Console for Wii U

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon has been released on Virtual Console for the Wii U. This Nintendo DS title was released originally in 2009 for North America and 2008 for Japan. It is the eleventh entry in the ...Read More

on December 10, 2016 2:11 PM
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Demon’s Crest Released for Virtual Console on New Nintendo 3DS

Super Nintendo Entertainment System platformer Demon's Crest has been released on Virtual Console for the New Nintendo 3DS. Coming in at $7.99, this was originally released in 1994 and called Demon's Blazon in Japan. A spin-off ...Read More

on December 10, 2016 2:03 PM
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Uncharted 4: Survival Launching Next Week, Livestream to Precede

Naughty Dog has announced Uncharted 4: Survival will be launching next week, and are holding a livestream in preparation. The livestream will take place on Tuesday, December 13 and will show off "new maps, mode, weapons and ...Read More

on December 10, 2016 1:40 PM
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Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 Event Features New Portrait, Mount, and Bonus XP

The Winter Veil 2016 event in Heroes of the Storm will run from December 14 to January 4. Finishing 25 games during this time, excluding Heroes Brawl, will reward players with a Special Snowflake portrait, a Festive ...Read More

on December 10, 2016 1:23 PM
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Darksiders Warmastered Edition Review — Vengeance, Vindication, and More Vengeance

Darksiders Warmastered Edition is a strange game in that it is original in its duplication from other famous video game franchises. Elements of its combat is taken from character-action games not unlike Devil May Cry, with button-prompt ...Read More

on December 2, 2016 12:21 PM