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Street Fighter X Tekken Crossover Costumes

The latest Street Fighter X Tekken hype is focused on DLC costumes. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono and Namco Bandai's Katsuhiro Harada announced a costume lineup which is so simple it's brilliant: new downloadable costumes for this game will


Zynga to Launch Zynga Platform

Zynga games, champions of the "games people play in the background while they're at work" market, has decided to launch its own platform in an attempt to create a richer casual gaming experience than they've managed to


Nintendo Dodges Lawsuit Bullet

A Maryland U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit brought against Nintendo by IA Labs CA, LLC. The plaintiff claimed that Nintendo's Wii Balance Board peripheral, as well as the Wii Fit and


Microsoft Leaks Trailer and Accidental Name Drop

Someone, somewhere, must be getting a spanking right now for a pair of leaks from Microsoft's Spring 2012 Showcase event. The first rumor floating around concerns Xbox's well-established rpg franchise, Fable. Hard facts remain under wraps, but


New Clan of Champions Trailer and Screenshots

NIS America has released a new trailer for their upcoming Japanese import, Clan of Champions. The trailer gives a brief introduction to the game's fantasy setting, then showcases some of the character creation details and online team


Boondock Saints Game in the Works

According to an announcement posted on their website, Critical Mass Interactive has acquired development rights to create a game based on The Boondock Saints. For those who missed the films, think of them as a cross between


Project Draco Retitled as “Crimson Dragon”

Grounding studio's aerial battle Kinect title, formerly dubbed 'Project Draco,' has been officially retitled Crimson Dragon. Specific gameplay details remain scant, but the game has been pitched as a rail shooter, and the overarching goal since its


Heroes of Ruin Soundtrack Teaser Available

Developer n-Space and producer Square Enix have elected to drop an audio track which gives us "a glimpse of things to come" in their 3DS title, Heroes of Ruin. The soundtrack's composer Sacha Puttnam has an extensive,


Kojima Productions Seeks New Talent

Kojima Productions will be opening a booth at next month's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, and they posted an ad on their website inviting "skillful engineers, artists, and game creators" to come and see if they've


Free Video Game Rentals Via Redbox This Week

Redbox, catering to an audience without easy access to a video store (or to people who feel uncomfortable buying a used game from Gamestop then returning it a week later for full price), is offering a promotion


Heist: The Score Drops Next Week

Running with the "guys in fedoras with Tommy guns" theme popularized by games like The Godfather and L.A. Noire, N3V Games is gearing up to release Heist: The Score for Apple iOS and Android movile devices.


Best May be Yet to Come For PS3

According to Evolution studio's  Paul Rustchynsky, rumors about next-gen consoles shouldn't distract gamers from the present; in a recent interview with the Official Playstation Magazine, he claims that "the PS3 has a lot of legs left in