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Tomas Franzese is a Staff Writer at DualShockers, writing a variety of reviews and shedding light on upcoming games for both PC and consoles. While he has been a gamer most of his life, he began writing for DualShockers in 2016 and has almost never put his computer or a controller down since.
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Dark Devotion Receives a New Trailer Highlighting its Disturbing World

Hibernian Workshop and The Arcade Crew released a new story trailer for Dark Devotion that showcases the game's messed up world. ...Read More

on July 11, 2018 12:38 PM
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Runbow Deluxe Edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Finally Gets a Release Date

Merge Games have announced that Runbow Deluxe Edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch will hit store shelves on August 14 in North America. ...Read More

on July 10, 2018 11:36 AM
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Ride 3 Gets Release Date and New Video Showcasing Strada della Forra Track

Milestone released a video showcasing the Strada della Forra track in Ride 3 which releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One November 8. ...Read More

on July 10, 2018 11:11 AM
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Sonic Mania Plus Review — An Expertly Enhanced Physical Release for this Series Celebration

Sonic Mania Plus for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is a great physical release that adds new content to one of 2017's best platformers. ...Read More

on July 10, 2018 9:00 AM
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Narrative Adventure Game The Lion’s Song Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

Mipumi Games released its episodic narrative adventure game The Lion's Song on Nintendo Switch today as a console exclusive. ...Read More

on July 10, 2018 9:00 AM
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MLB The Show 18 Receives New Price, All-Star Edition, In-Game Events, and More

In anticipation of the upcoming All-Stars game, PS4 exclusive MLB The Show 18 has received a broadside of new content, sales, and price drops. ...Read More

on July 9, 2018 1:14 PM
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Chasm Finally Gets a Release Date After Six Years of Development

Bit Kid Inc. announced today that after six years of development, Chasm will finally be releasing on PC, PS4, and PS Vita on July 31. ...Read More

on July 9, 2018 11:55 AM
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Solstice Chronicles: MIA is Coming to Nintendo Switch Later this Year

Circle Entertainment announced today that they are bringing Ironward's PC twin stick shooter Solstice Chronicles: MIA to Nintendo Switch later this year. ...Read More

on July 9, 2018 11:27 AM
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Warriors Orochi 4 Interview — Producer Discusses Greek Mythology, Nintendo Switch, and More

Warriors Orochi 4 Producer Masaki Furusawa talks about many aspects of the development of the new Musou game for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. ...Read More

on July 7, 2018 10:24 AM
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SoulCalibur VI is Poised to be a Great Return to Form for the Long-Running 3D Fighter Series

Bandai Namco's SoulCalibur VI is already leading the pack in innovation for 3D fighters, but won't lose series fans when it launches later this year. ...Read More

on July 6, 2018 2:30 PM
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The Best Indie Games From E3 2018 That We Don’t Want You to Miss

DualShockers saw several awesome indie games at E3 2018; here are some that we think you should keep your eye on over the next couple of years. ...Read More

on July 6, 2018 12:30 PM
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Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Remaster and Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 Announced by Microïds

OSome and Microïds revealed and Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 remaster and Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today. ...Read More

on July 6, 2018 12:19 PM
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Sonic Mania Plus Receives Developer Diary Delving into Art and Design

With less than two weeks to go until Sonic Mania Plus' release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, an art-focused developer diary was released. ...Read More

on July 6, 2018 11:29 AM
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Surgeon Simulator for Nintendo Switch Teased by Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios released a short new video for Surgeon Simulator today that humorously teases a Nintendo Switch version of the game. ...Read More

on July 6, 2018 10:33 AM
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Warriors Orochi 4 Producer Discusses Incorporating Greek Mythology and Keeping Things Fresh

Warriors Orochi 4 producer Masaki Furusawa discussed with DualShockers how Team Ninja keeps the series fresh with things like Greek mythology. ...Read More

on July 5, 2018 12:25 PM