Automachef from Team17 and Hermes Interactive Mixes Coding and Cooking

Automachef from Team17 and Hermes Interactive Mixes Coding and Cooking

Team17 is partnering with Hermes Interactive to publisher Automachef, a puzzler that a programming spin on cooking and restaurant management.

With Automachef, Team17 continues to make a name for itself within the cooking-based indie game niche. Overcooked and Overcooked 2 tackle cooking from a fun cooperative angle, while Hermes Interactive’s Automachef is attempt to blend cooking with the fun of coding when it releases in Summer 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the full announcement trailer below:

As you can see, Automachef features fully automated kitchens that the player adjusts accordingly. This results in multiple levels that pose challenges regarding energy, space, and general design for players to solve with basic coding concepts. Just like games like 7 Billion Humans and Human Resource Machine, Automachef seems like it will ease players into simple coding ideas through a fun concept and interesting puzzles. Its unlike much else in Team17’s publishing label, and has quickly become one of my most anticipated indie titles of 2019.

Players will even be able to save blueprints after completing a level so they can refer back to previously used set ups or techniques in the future. In addition to the main campaign puzzle levels, a Contracts mode where players craft their own automated business and a Test Site Mode with no restrictions are also included in Automachef. Players are also accompanied by Robert Person, a machine that believes they are human, over the course of the game for an added comedic charm.

You can see the latest screenshots for this interesting take on the simulation cooking genre below. Automachef is poised to launch for PC and Switch sometime in Summer 2019.