Autumn Games Provides Update on Skullgirls 2nd Encore's Physical Release

Autumn Games updated their official blog today with news concerning the physical release of Skullgirls 2nd Encore for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, in partnership with Limited Run Games.

This is the 3rd update since their last, which sited bug fixes as a reason for the delay.

However the publisher has provided a short version of what’s currently holding the physical release from production:

  • After we thought we were done, our international partner insisted on additional bugfixes and testing.
  • What seemed like one last round of testing and bug fixes turned into several, putting the game into an extended awkward limbo.
  • Because costs and delays were piling up, we negotiated a final release plan with the international partner.
  • Previously, all Skullgirls releases had to be identical for online play to work. While we were in this limbo, we took steps to decouple the US release from the other international releases so that they could no longer hold up the US physical release.
  • The final PS4 patch is out now, and the PS Vita patch should be out shortly, allowing us to complete the final ISOs of the physical discs.

The team seems to be encountering more and more issues, but are steadily working through them to get those who purchased the physical version their games.

In response to why they haven’t been more clear with updating buyers, the publisher states:

Looking back, we should’ve said something – anything – about these additional delays, and we sincerely apologize for not addressing everyone’s concerns sooner.

Because of the nature of bugfixing and testing, every few days we thought we’d have the ability to finally say, “It’s ready!” So every few days we waited, and as the delays accrued and bugs were reported, those days turned into weeks and months.

This was a huge oversight on our part, and we should have kept everyone informed every step of the way.

The post is concluded with the team saying, “Thanks for your patience and understanding – we never expected this would take so long, and can assure you that we’re just as frustrated with the delays as you are.”

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