Avalanche Studios Tease Its Next Project With a New Trailer

Systemic Reaction, a subsidiary of Avalanche Studios and the team behind Generation Zero, is working on a new "ominous and dangerous" project.

After failing to bring a worthy successor to Bethesda’s Rage series, Avalanche Studios now teases a new first-person shooter being developed by its subsidiary group, Systemic Reaction.

Revealed by a brief teaser trailer (seen below), not much is said about the upcoming Systemic Reaction developed game, so it’s up to us to guess what is going on. Personally, I think the upcoming title seems to be a first-person shooter with fantasy elements and monsters, probably. The trailer’s description does say it will be “ominous and dangerous.”

Despite working on famous projects and franchises, Avalanche Studios has never succeeded to deliver a highly-praised title in recent years. Just Cause 4, Rage 2, and Mad Max all were rated as mediocre games by media with one big shared problem: tedious level design. When it comes to Generation Zero, things are even worse. Lack of a meaningful story, a big open-world area without any engaging side-missions or NPCs, and a lot of game-breaking bugs have almost blocked any possible way to have fun playing Generation Zero.

With Avalanche Studios’ recent history, I expect Systemic Reaction to launch its new title when the development process is truly done. Having said that, the studio did a great job of creating realistic visuals in Generation Zero, which is one of the few good things in the game. Based on the teaser from the studio’s unannounced game, it seems their vision has almost come to fruition, though it’s yet to be seen if the game is a current or next-gen project.

While Avalanche Studios is still tight-lipped about its next project, more details will likely come out in the coming months from the company’s social media accounts.

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