Marvel's Avengers Will Be Adding Spider-Man as a PS4 Exclusive [Update]

Spider-Man will be swinging into Marvel's Avengers as a PS4 and PS5-exclusive character.

August 3, 2020

UPDATE: Well, turns out we were wrong. Or someone lied at Base. Regardless, Spider-Man will indeed be coming to Marvel’s Avengers and will be exclusive to the PlayStation platform.

The original story can be found below.

Over the weekend, reports came out that the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man was coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a PS4-exclusive character. Sadly, for both PS4 owners and Spidey enthusiasts alike, these rumours have now been quashed thanks to an investigation by IGN.

The rumour originated thanks to a listing on British retailer Base and an eagle-eyed Reddit user. u/FNaF_walrusman spotted that the website had a copy of the game available for pre-order supported by the text, “Play as Spider-Man exclusively on PS4”.

While the rumour did initially have some serious plausibility due to the fact that Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man movies, plus the fact that 2018’s Spider-Man was a PS4-exclusive and that the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming exclusively to PS5. IGN managed to shut it down by speaking to a representative from Base who said:

“The information was removed from our product page as it was not correct. We removed the information as soon as we found out that it was not correct. It had been on the product since E3 June 2019 (11 June 2019).”

The original listing did also have the release date as May 15, a date that is now very much gone. Marvel’s Avengers was originally scheduled to release on May 15 but was delayed back in January to the game’s current September release date.

That’s not the only recent Marvel’s Avengers news. During last week’s War Table event, Square Enix revealed that Hawkeye would be the first of four characters coming to the game post-launch. The event also shared a few more details about the beta, which kicks off this weekend for PlayStation pre-order customers. Fortnite players taking part in the Avengers beta will have the opportunity to complete HARM challenges and get the Hulk’s hands and the fists from the Hulkbuster suit in the game.

Marvel’s Avengers drops on September 4 on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch.

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