Japanese Multimedia Giant Avex Launches Cloud Gaming Subsidiary

Japanese Multimedia Giant Avex Launches Cloud Gaming Subsidiary

Avex believes in Cloud Gaming in Japan, joining the business following the announcement of Google Stadia.

Avex Group announced on May 9 the establishment of Avex Technologies, a new subsidiary handling IPs using Cloud and Blockchain technologies, with a focus on gaming and VR IPs. Avex Technologies was officially established on May 14. Its CEO is Asashi Iwanaga.

In an interview with Japanese business magazine Goethe, Avex Group CEO Max Matsuura spoke about the new subsidiary. Max Matsuura believes Cloud Gaming will experience a boom in Japan and wishes to make Avex one of the leading actors of the business in the country.


Now, this is huge for multiple reasons. 2019 could be remembered as the year which truly launched the era of Cloud Gaming. Google announced Stadia back in March. Microsoft will probably reveal more about its Project xCloud streaming service at E3 in June. And now Avex announces Avex Technologies.

While relatively much smaller, Avex is a monster when it comes to Japan and publishes all the biggest musical artists there. Avex also already has a hand in anime and gaming with subsidiaries such as Avex Pictures. The group also owns some of the biggest VOD services in Japan such as dTV and dAnimeStore. With its brand power, Avex can definitely do something huge with Cloud Gaming in the archipel, either through its own Cloud Gaming service or through a possible partnership with Google or Microsoft.