Avowed Job Listings Hint at Cross Platform, Multiplayer, and More

Little is known about the Xbox Series X exclusive Avowed, but recent Obsidian job listings hint at first-person combat, multiplayer, and more.

Not much is known about the recently-revealed Xbox Series X exclusive, Avowed. Revealed in the Xbox Games Showcase, the game has quickly propelled to the upper-echelon of interest for Xbox and RPG fans. And while we don’t know a ton about the title, we do have some hints from new Obsidian job listings about some unannounced mechanics that the developers are likely planning for the game.

Ever since the original reveal of Avowed at the Xbox Games Showcase, developer Obsidian has started recruiting for new hires on their “next high-profile, role-playing game.” While they don’t call it Avowed by name, it seems pretty evident that it is what Obsidian is talking about.

The listings are pretty diverse, ranging from Combat Animator, Senior AI Programmer, and UI Programmer — and almost all have some small, worthwhile details. An earlier leak had noted that the game was “much larger than Skyrim,” though it wasn’t immediately clear if it will retain the same format.

By every indication, it seems like that suspicious can be confirmed ahead of an official gameplay reveal. In a recent listing for Combat Animator, it appears that Obisidian is looking for a person with experience in “first-person and third-person melee combat,” specifically one with ranged experience. Additionally, another listing is asking for experience with branching dialogue — hinting that we will have more complex conversations in the RPG.

Perhaps more interestingly, a few listings seem to reference both cross-platform game development as well as multiplayer game development. First and foremost, don’t hold your breath that the game is coming to PS5 — Cross-Platform most certainly means PC and the different iterations of Xbox brands (Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, etc.).

However, if Avowed is able to ship with a multiplayer option (or some level of multiplayer interaction), that would be a huge boon to the developing game. Fans have clamored for a (non-MMO) multiplayer The Elder Scrolls title for ages. This might just be the answer we are waiting for.

It’s worth noting, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen listings like this from Obsidian — in fact, PC Gamer managed to spot similar roles in September 2019. With this detail in mind, we can imagine they are well into development and building out their teams — not just starting from scratch.

With that said, take these listings with a considerable grain of salt — the listings don’t explicitly mention Avowed, and not all job listings are indicative of the final product. There’s always the chance they are stocking up on multiplayer engineers for another title — but the timing seems suspect.

Avowed is set to be released on Xbox Series X and PC on an unannounced date. More details about the game aren’t expected to be revealed soon, but as of now, it is one of the most anticipated upcoming titles of Microsoft for the next-generation of consoles.

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