“Awakened” Video Game Is Back In Development, Along With A KickStarter Campaign

“Awakened” Video Game Is Back In Development, Along With A KickStarter Campaign


I can’t hide my excitement: I love the potential of Awakened.

I first heard of this game a few years ago when footage of it–then known as the canceled project Herowas leaked to the internet. The highly detail walkthrough was a 15 minute demon that showcased a powerful game, a game that was one half X-Men, one half Grand Theft Auto. The game allowed the player to customize what powers they wanted–be it super speed, optic blasts, teleportation, rocky skin, telekinesis, and more–and explore a world that has been overrun by disaster and corruption. Now it’s back, and Phosphor Games want your help and making it a reality, through KickStarter.

Phosphor Games Studio were a part of Midway way back when, and when Midway fell to bankruptcy, pretty much all of the games in development that didn’t involve colorful ninjas went with it. Phosphor, which had worked on a variety of games before hand, had Hero in development and had worked up that 15 minute demo to show off to publishers in hope of getting support to continue their project.

Unfortunately, while it found a lot of praise, it didn’t work. Publishers are usually pretty fickle about unproven new IP, especially from smaller developers.

But Phosphor didn’t give up, and now, after creating their own studio and working on a few other games, they’ve pulled the project up from the grave and hope that your help will finally get it going.

As you can see in the video below, Awakenedwhich also had a pretty powerful two minute trailer in 2010 that was released to garner attention–is being supported by the epic (pun intended) Unreal4 Engine. The Kickstarter page and video express an interest in making this a next-gen game, to be released on PC, and possibly next-gen consoles. PC is priority though. The game, whose philosophy is giving players the power to be whatever character they want, also wants to give the PC modding community the power to make whatever game they want as well. But again, all of this falls back on how successful their campaign goes.

Again, you can check out the Kickstarter video below, and see more details on their campaign page. For more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.com.