Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Is on – Here’s Where to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Is on – Here’s Where to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick Started today and the good times (both in entertainment and speed-running) last until January 12.

Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual gathering of some of the best speed-runners in the world that takes place every January. The 2020 iteration kicked off this morning. As of this writing, they’re about to jump into a must-watch run through The Binding of Issac Afterbirth+. The runs last until the 12th, so if you want to jump in and see one of the most fun gaming events of the year, go check their website at

As ever, there are going to be some incredible runs taking place this week. Personally, I can’t wait to see how these magicians tear apart games like Fallout Anthology, Terraria, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Control. Then there’s the always entertaining TASBot runs, which, if you’re not familiar, is a tool-assisted program that flies through games at in-human speeds. However, I’m probably most excited to watch Andy run The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer and the 4v4 Super Mario Maker 2 Blind Relay Race. Both of those events have quickly become crowd favorites and I see no reason why they won’t deliver yet again.

Obviously, these runs are more about raising money for charity and entertainment than they are about pure speed. So, while we probably won’t see too many records broken, the runners will be having a blast. Plus, it’s a great time to give a bit of money to folks who need it. If you’ve never watched AGDQ before, now is the time to start. Even if you’re not that into speedrunning, it’s a ton of fun.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 lasts from January 5-12. If you want, check the schedule on their site and pick some games to jump in on. And, if you like what they’re doing, don’t forget to donate!