Awesome Titanfall 2 Helmet Revealed by Respawn Entertainment

Awesome Titanfall 2 Helmet Revealed by Respawn Entertainment

With all the leaks happened in the past few days, here’s something official for once. Respawn Entertainment Founder Vince Zampella and Designer Chin Xiang Chong showcased an awesome real life Titanfall helmet on Twitter.

The helmet appears to be very similar (but different in some elements of the paint job) to the one leaked by a Polish retailer yesterday, and included in the alleged “Uber” edition of the game.

At the moment it’s unclear if what is shown here is a prototype for the Uber edition, or a higher quality prop that could possibly be used at E3. It’s worth mentioning that in Chong’s picture we can also see the Shemagh scarf that should come with both the standard and Uber collectors’ editions.

If you’re wondering about the knife, it was introduced by Zampella himself a few days ago, and it’s the spiffy reward Respawn Entertainment employees get after five years at the company.

Below you can check out the picture in full resolution: