Watch_Dogs PS4 Gameplay Videos and GIFs Leaked; Show Augmented Reality Minigames, Cars and More

Watch_Dogs PS4 Gameplay Videos and GIFs Leaked; Show Augmented Reality Minigames, Cars and More

Watch_Dogs is still almost two weeks from release, but apparently some are already playing it, and they didn’t miss the chance to leak some yummy PS4 gameplay footage.

You can download it here or watch it below. It definitely looks awesome, even if the compression isn’t the best ever. The quality in the download link is a bit better even if definitely far from top-notch.

You can also see additional animated GIFs below (click on them to start the animation).

More gameplay from the same source can also be found at the bottom of the post (apparently recorded off screen from a Twitch livestream played on Xbox One, which is quite a roundabout way to show it), but be warned, the quality of that one is really beyond bad, and there’s no saving it with a download link. Yet, it shows even more gameplay features, so it’s worth watching.

The source of the stream also posted a comment on Watch_Dogs Forum with his impressions:

Hey guys, it’s me. Didn’t think this will blow out that big. I streamed only to my friend because he was really interested in game, I have Limited Edition pre-ordered myself for PS4. Some random guy found stream with 1 viewer on twitch (if you know how twitch works – that’s insane) and then posted link on reddit, so more people = got Twitch stuff attention and got banned. I don’t intend to stream it anymore.

Funny thing I got unbanned maybe 40 mins later and now people build conspiracy theories about whole thing being Ubisoft “controlled leak”. Just to put record straight – I don’t work for Ubisoft.

To answer few question I saw in thread – yes, you push doors with your palm if you are not running and kick them in with your shoulder when you do.

Game is amazing, one of the games that actually justify next-gen consoles, especially it’s weather and lightning systems.

Couldn’t show you much more, especially online, but when you think about WD online, closest thing will be Dark/Demon Souls, understand this as you will + few other online modes that remind me of GTA5/GTA4.

Also don’t worry about my safety, I was “behind 3 proxies” (lol). But no really, I used 2 different private VPN providers, on top of each other. Also ran game in offline mode on my PS4 debug unit. I am sure I will be safe, and the twitter guy was random upset dude.

Hopefully Ubisoft community manager is not too mad at me, I was planning to show some free roam to my buddy to convince him buy the game on PS4 instead of PC so we could play together, didn’t expect much attention.

Also here is high quality Gif (33FPS) and screenshot. Game is locked 30FPS by the way, it’s just effect of 2 heavy encrypted VPNs that destroyed my upload speed, I saw some people complaining about “low framerate”. Game is as smooth as AC4 on PS4 if anyone played that.


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