Awesomenauts PS4 Patch 1.3 Coming Soon, Details on Difference Between Console Patch and PC Version

Awesomenauts has been out on the PS4 for quite a while now (released as Awesomenauts Assemble!), long enough for players to become a little frustrated with the lack of updates that were promised before launch.

Awesomenauts developer Ronimo had previously promised that the PS4 port would remain close to the very popular PC release and as such, it would receive constant updates to keep the two versions in line with one another.

Unfortunately PS4 players have lagged behind considerably in comparison to their PC brethren. Whilst the PC release currently sits at version 2.8.4 with a bunch of balances, character updates and general tweaks, the PS4 version is still stuck at version 1.2.

It’s not as backwards as it sounds though, the 1.2 patch brought the game in line with the PC version’s 2.6 update.

The last patch for Awesomenauts on PS4 was rolled out in October of last year, so it’s about time another update landed for the cartoonish MOBA.

Thankfully it’s not too far away. Whilst players have flocked to the Awesomenauts forum in search of answers, members of the development team have answered some of their burning questions.

According to the developers, the latest patch is currently in certification with Sony after having failed to pass the last attempt, but the team are confident this is the last hiccup and that it should be available for release quite soon. Cracking stuff!

However, it’s not all rosy. If you’ve transferred over from the PC to the PS4 version then there are a few things that won’t be transferring across.

Confirmed by the developers, the advanced stat-tracking found in the PC version won’t be coming to Awesomenauts on PS4 due to the fact that the stats system runs on Ronimo’s servers and that the stats menu bound with the code for the recent menu redesign for the PC version which won’t be coming to the PS4 either.

The PC’s menu redesign was made with mouse usage in mind according to Ronimo, with the developers stating that it wouldn’t transfer well to the console and controller set up. This is something some fans have a bit of a problem with as many players (myself included) play Awesomenauts on PC using a gamepad and from my personal experience, menu navigation is just fine using a controller.

When the update drops it’ll bring the PS4 release in line with the PC’s base 2.7.4 patch, so it’s still a little bit behind but it’s going to be a big improvement over what is currently being played on the console.

If you’re interested in what’s to come in the next update, check out the patch notes for the PC version here, just remember that not everything will be included, but it’s a good place to get a basic idea as to what tweaks and changes are coming.

On a side note, you may have noticed that there’s some new Awesomenauts DLC currently available on the PlayStation Store. You can purchase them now, but they won’t be playable until the 1.3 patch drops.

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